Sabbath Worship

October 16, 2016

9:30 am

Chancel Choir
Church School
Coffee Hour
Sunday's GreetersJudy Robbins
Ushers: Linda and Tom Comstock, David Cary, Peter Anthony
LayreaderLindsey Benton
Coffee Hour: Bonnie Cortese and Darlene Clark

       It is with joy, delight and a huge measure of awe that I inform you of the bequest made to the Barre Congregational Church by Maurice T. Jones and Jean N. Jones in the amount of $570,000. Maurice and Jean’s one restriction is that this money be used “to help support ministry to the aged.”

       Maurice was born in Northfield Falls and attended schools in Barre. Some of you will remember his mother Ella and his brother Loren. Jean was born in Moretown and also graduated from Spalding High School. Maurice and Jean were married at the Barre Congregational Church September 25, 1949. Following their marriage, they made their home in St. Johnsbury, West Burke, Montpelier, moving back to Barre in 1957. They joined the church April 17, 1960. Jean died August 9, 2013 and Maurice died January 19, 2016. I officiated at both their graveside funeral services at the Wilson Cemetery.

       The Church Council in consultation with the Finance Ministry has appointed an ad hoc committee consisting of the Moderator, Nancy Pope; Treasurer, Jim West; and the Parish Nurse, MaryAnn Johnson to develop a long-range plan for the use of this gift.

       This gift will serve the church and its ministry for generations. We are grateful to Maurice and Jean for this most generous gift.


                                                                                            Rev. David

The Faith Community Prays and Praises

~as you are able please hold in prayer ~

The families and the Harwood Community who are grieving the tragic loss of 5 youth in last week's accident in Williston.

Christine Litchfield who is in the hospital.

Lowell Sanders, Sherry Singer's father who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

Matt Safford who is struggling with a kidney stone

Dawn Borne who continues to live with cancer. 

Cole Paquette,the great-nephew of Polly Boothe who is living with cancer.

Kamado who is recovering from a second emergency surgery.

Chuck Cecchini who is in the hospital.

Those affected by the Hurricane Matthew flooding in North Carolina and the continued recovery efforts in Haiti.

Louise Mancus, Catherine James' mother who suffered  a stroke.

We give thanks: Marilyn Joiner has gone home from the hospital and appreciated the prayers. Nancy Fowler, two students from SHS, Jean Brown, Carol Martell, Steve Tavekelian and Julie Bancroft for serving the Tuesday breakfast. We also give thanks for Kyle Wheeler for preparing coffee hour last Sunday and to Diane Blodgett and Carol Martell for providing the Good Samaritan Haven meal. THANK All OF YOU FOR BEING PART OF OUR MISSION AND OUTREACH MINISTRY!
Please let us know if you have prayer requests or celebrations
for this section of the E-Window.


The Image of Christ - A One Night Study and Discussion

Wednesday, October 19, 6:30 pm

          I recently read a story about the Image of Christ and how we see Jesus. Do you have any pictures of Jesus in your home or one that you carry in a purse or wallet? Have you ever noticed the Jesus portraits in our church or when visiting other churches? Have you ever looked at one of them and said, "I think I could be friends with him" or as the writer of this story points out in one of his examples after a child looks at a picture of Jesus and says, "What's his problem?"  We will read this short story together, look at several pictures of Jesus and have a discussion about the 'Image of Christ.' If you have an image that you would like to bring to the class please do so.  You can also draw a sketch of your image of Christ if you like. Who knows, maybe this could be a Narthex Art display in the future.

                                                  Nancy Fowler




        Inquirers classes are opportunities for building community and learning about our church. The classes will review the history of our local church and The United Church of Christ, explain the polity (church governance) of our local church and denomination and the theology shaping our church in matters of faith and practice. While these classes are designed with prospective new members in mind, long standing church members are invited as well. This mix of old and new creates a wonderful learning environment. 

       The following dates are our scheduled meeting dates over the next three months. We will meet following morning worship in the Conference Room which is to the left of the chancel. 


Sundays:  October 30   November 13    December 11

        If you are interested in participating in these classes, even if you cannot make all the meetings, please be in touch with Rev. David. 

Friday, October 21 at Espresso Bueno
6:00 pm

Starting a Crew of Ripple Makers
(Also known as starting a Green Team.)



       Green teams can be ripple makers for change in a church community. Our church has done several things to support being a green church and I am hoping we can do more. A week ago I read about France being the first country who has banned plastic cups, plates and utensils. This is a bold move for our earth and one that I can stand behind. I hope you can to. 

       I'm inviting all those interested in exploring ways to become more "green" to join me Sunday, October 16 after worship. The United Church of Christ understands caring for earth as a justice issue. Many UCC churches are becoming more "green" by becoming a Creation Justice Church. I would like very much to explore this process with some of you and Rev. David. 

       Green teams or creation justice teams can be ripple makers for change. No effort is too small in caring for our earth and environment. 

                                                                                           Nancy Fowler


Wednesday, October 19
1:00 pm

Join us for Apple and Pumpkin Pie Dessert followed by a program with
Laura Cadmus sharing her story.

All are welcome to attend this time of fellowship. If you have questions please call
Diane Blodgett at 476-3591
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!
Please join us in strengthening our community
by contributing supplies to Circle's emergency
shelter. Look for the purple box in the Narthex.
Your support will help our agency
continue to provide critical services to victims.

Suggested items include:
* Laundry Detergent     *Dish & Dishwasher Detergent
*Paper Towels     *Kleenex
*Toilet Paper     *Feminine Hygiene Products
*Deodorant     *Diapers

Vermont Interfaith Action is working on getting VIA member churches to be 100% voting congregations. To support this effort I am urging all members and friends of the Barre Congregational Church to be sure to vote on November 8th. Neither I or VIA are promoting candidates, yet we do urge people to allow their faith and values to inform which candidates they will support. 

                                                                                             Rev. David

Registration is now open Click here

We are also looking for supporting sponsors for the back of the t-shirt!

This event supports the Mission and Outreach Ministry

There will be a signup sheet in the narthex for anyone who would like to help out the day of the race.
Disaster Response Appeal - Caribbean and USA
October 2016, “Hurricane Matthew”
Disaster Ministries of United Church of Christ (One Great Hour of Sharing) and
Christian Church/Disciples of Christ (Week of Compassion)
Winds rush. Water pounds. Buildings fall. People suffer.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on the morning of
October 4 and in Cuba later that afternoon. The storm flattened
communities and wrecked agriculture throughout the region. This
powerful and slow-moving storm battered the United States’
Atlantic coast, flooding homes and causing deaths.

Pray Passionately
Stay Connected
One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC) - Facebook & Twitter
Respond Generously
For online donations:

UCC International Emergency Relief and/or UCC Emergency

Send gifts by mail to:
One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC) Or Week of Compassion
Memo: Hurricane Matthew Memo: Hurricane Matthew
Financial Services Office PO Box 1986
700 Prospect Ave. E. Indianapolis, IN 46206

Church Calendar

Thursday 10/13/16
7:15 am Centering Prayer
6:00 pm Scouts
6:15 pm Chancel Choir
7:30 pm Chancel Bells

Saturday 10/15/16
7:00 am Community Breakfast
9:00 am "In Company With Angels" field trip
8:00 pm AA

Sunday 10/16/16 
9:30 am Sabbath Worship
Blood pressure screenings
10:45 am Worship/Music Ministry meeting
10:45 am Green Team discussion after worship 

1:00 to 3:00 pm Celebrate the McBransfields in Waitsfield

Monday 10/17/16
7:15 am Centering Prayer
8:00 am Strong Living
6:00 pm AA

Tuesday 10/18/16
7:00 am Community Breakfast

Wednesday 10/19/16
8:00 am Strong Living
11:30 am Women's Fellowship
6:30 pm One night Bible Study on Jesus Image

Thursday 10/20/16
7:15 am Centering Prayer
6:15 pm Chancel Choir
7:30 pm Chancel Bells

Friday 10/21/16
5:30 pm Community Dinner
6:00 Theology on Tap

Saturday 10/22/16
7:00 am Community Breakfast
8:00 pm AA

Sunday 10/23/16
9:30 am Sabbath Worship

As always, we give thanks for all the many volunteers
who contribute to the Ministry of The Barre Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ.

The church Google calendar can be accessed through

the church website by clicking on the
calendar tab on the web page.  

Watch our worship services on channel 194 on Charter TV

Saturdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at noon and 8:00 pm

Watch our services 
(Click Playlists. Then, click "local churches")

You can also find Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) stations on a ROKU under free channels and view any PEG station across the country (including our local CVTV).

Your pledge dollars and contributions to the
Barre Congregational Church, UCC
make the ministries of our church possible.

Have you considered remembering the
Barre Congregational Church, UCC in your will?
You would leave a lasting legacy which would
support the good works of our church.

The per capita contribution for each active member to the
Vermont Conference and Washington Association of the
United Church of Christ, for 2016 is $12.99.
It is very much appreciated when members
add this obligation to their yearly contribution

Barre Congregational Church Website has links to other devotional sites as well as links to the UCC and Vermont Conference.

Did you miss worship?

If you would like to see the worship services that are played on Channel 194, click here and then go to BCC folder. 

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