A great new blend - and helping Elephants with animalEO!
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Ramba is a beautiful Elephant
animalEO would love to help!

Another new blend in our Summer 2015 release!  HardyHoof is an important blend for our larger animal friends! 

As a veterinarian, some of the animals I share my life with tend to come to me in an unhealthy state.  They just "need" a vet!  Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

That was certainly the case with our pony - Shadow.  She needed a home and was all out limping when we met her.  Chronic laminitis, separation, and a bout with White Line Disease has sure taught me a lot about hoof care in her honor.  Even though as a veterinarian you can understand a disease process and treat it - you never REALLY understand it fully until it is your baby who has the condition.

Hooves and feet of larger animals are thankfully quite easy to treat with essential oils.  Just drip them on.  You can't really do it wrong, except for not doing it.  I find an amazing ability for the essential oils to be able to penetrate hard materials such as the keratin of a hoof or claw - which makes treatment of these tissues much easier than trying to rely upon an oral administration of a drug, which must travel through the blood stream to be deposited in its place of need.  There are many conditions we have helped to treat with essential oils - that traditional care could not repair.

This is the case with elephants.  Gorgeous, majestic elephants - many of their conditions are chronic and difficult to treat traditionally.  Elephants have always touched my heart.  I had a pink stuffed animal elephant when I was about 3 years old - and no matter what the question was - "What would you like for Christmas?" or "What would you like for your Birthday?" - the response was sure to come..."a baby elephant...it can live in my back yard!"

Well, I never did get that baby elephant.  Surprised?  And, although I would gladly care for an elephant in need, I truly do feel they should be wild and untouched - allowed to live elephant lives, in elephant ways...not in captivity.  A little over a year ago, I was contacted by the Global Elephant Sanctuary - in hopes that we could help some of the chronic foot conditions that plague elephants in captivity, with essential oils.  Many of their issues are purely caused by poor housing conditions and care - and since the Elephant Sanctuary would be taking on elephants in need of care - their progressive holistic approach was a beautiful match to join with essential oils.

My mother actually grew up in Brazil - and my Aunt still lives there.  So, when I learned that the Global Elephant Sanctuary was being set up on 2800 acres in Brazil - helping elephants of South America who are being retired from "human exploitation" - I was certain that some day, I would make a family trip to visit!  Hopefully that day is coming soon - but the project has much to get done so that the already waiting elephants can move to the property.  I encourage all of you to view their website, and learn more about the need for elephant sanctuaries.

But, back to essential oils...  I am confident that essential oils can help elephants with their foot problems - just as I have seen them help horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and other animals with a variety of combined structural issues, infections, and inflammation.  Of course, the beauty of essential oils is their ability to holistically touch all aspects of an animal - physical and emotional.  Certainly, elephants have a huge emotional, and sometimes traumatic, component to their captivity - so we will not be forgetting to address their emotional needs as we contribute essential oils to their care.

We recently sent a care package with someone traveling to Brazil - for the elephants of Global Elephant Sanctuary.  And, our newly released blend - HardyHoof - was a very important inclusion to the package.  It will be applied to the affected feet and toenails of the elephants as allowed - and we are hopeful that it will greatly support the repair and healing from chronic pain, infection, and damage resulting from years of poor husbandry.

You can read more about HardyHoof by CLICKING HERE - and it is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!!!  

I wanted to do something special also for the elephants who will be using HardyHoof (and other animalEO blends as well) - and so I decided that a portion of this week's sales - will go towards sending more oils to the elephants.  I also wanted to make it easy for anyone to donate even a small amount towards "Oils for Elephants" if they felt that they wanted to.  My pledge is that every single dollar that is donated to "Oils for Elephants" - will go towards supplying bulk oils to the Global Elephant Sanctuary.  Obviously, we might need to supply them more than just a few bottles of oils - to treat 4 very large feet on multiple elephants!  Each donated dollar will not go towards purchasing retail animalEO blends - rather - each dollar will go directly towards the purchase of the bulk oil - without any mark up what-so-ever.  In this way, I can donate my time and expertise to blending or formulating products specifically for the elephants - while other donations can help to supply the required essential oils needed.

If you are interested in donating to Oils for Elephants - please CLICK HERE.  You can donate any amount that you would like, even a dollar.  

And, as you hopefully know - as I have been releasing the new blends - every order placed during the "new blend's week" will get a sample of that new blend.  So last week, everyone who placed an order received a free sample of LiverBoost.  (See last weeks newsletter on LiverBoost 
HERE.)  BUT - and here is where my fun comes in... if you place an order for the "Release of the Week" - you will get a FREE sample of the NEXT blend to be released!  So in last week's case - everyone who ordered LiverBoost got a sample of HardyHoof.

But, what are you going to do with your HardyHoof sample if you do not have a large animal or an elephant???  Well, I can suggest a few things.  First, you can certainly find someone you know with a horse, pony, cow, or other large animal and donate your sample to them!  However, for another suggestion - you would find that the oils within HardyHoof are also those that are commonly used by humans to support the elimination of warts (especially plantar warts), toenail fungus, and a variety of other "human hoof" issues.  After all - animalEO is "Tested on Humans, Safe for Animals"...  It is likely that no one will call the essential oil police on you - if you happened to spill your animalEO sample onto your toenail or wart!

Some weeks, the "next" samples could be REALLY, REALLY good!  Like multiple samples instead of just one.  But, I like a bit of surprise, so you will never know until you order!  But, we may just be coming up on one of those weeks...wink, wink...
HardyHoof is NOW available for purchase by CLICKING HERE.
Make sure to see the information on the HAWS Symposium Series - either on the right sidebar in your email, or possibly at the very bottom on a mobile device.  I will be giving a 2 hour lecture on essential oils and animalEO for animals in Waukesha, Wisconsin on August 12, 2015.  Please register to attend the lecture - and consider donating WAY MORE than the $10 fee they are asking for attendance.  There is limited space, so register early - and I hope to see you there!

***Please Note...Most orders have been processed and shipped through most of July 16th, 2015.  If you have an existing order placed after this time, we will do our best to combine multiple orders, and will happily refund excess shipping fees when possible! 

CLICK HERE to visit the HardyHoof Page
And CLICK HERE for Orders

OH!!!  Don't forget to refresh your screen to view the new website additions!  Sometimes, you can just be viewing a "cached" page - and you won't see anything new!

Remember that you can find some great help and assistance with recommendations in our animalEO Facebook group by CLICKING HERE and requesting to join!  We have an admin team called the "Pack" - who have additional training with me in the "art of animalEO".  And while not vets, and they still will have varying opinions - I trust them to give reliable and safe information - or to find out the true answer if they don't know.  I can't thank them enough for their continued help and support with animalEO and the animalEO Facebook group!  Simply wonderful helpers! 


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Please visit www.animalEO.info - and read more about our products, order a few to try out, and come back often for new information, products, and educational experiences!  Make sure you are on our mailing list to be updated on all the new happenings.

And remember, I only recommend the use of what I term, "veterinary grade essential oils" for use with animals (or humans for that matter).  The use of essential oils that have not been evaluated and proven safe for use in animals, is not recommended, and may prove dangerous for your animals.  Through research, case studies, and retrospective studies - I am documenting the difference in qualities of essential oils in my veterinary hospital - and we are continually striving to provide more information to everyone who desires to use essential oils for their animals. 


Until Next Time!
Melissa Shelton DVM

Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only, and has not been evaluated by the FDA.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the counsel of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.

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