Wouldn't you give a few drops of oil, to an animal in need?

It is hard to imagine, 

the emotions after a tragedy...



I honestly have no words to describe the devastation and vast bravery of the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes that recently ripped through that state.  Just in January, I stayed with a wonderful friend, not 5 miles from where much of the damage occurred.  The businesses and houses I drove by, are gone.  Dogs who romped outside are now lost, buried, or living in shelters until they can hopefully be reunited with their owners.  My good friend Beverly, is volunteering at one of these shelters - and she is helping traumatized animals with aromatherapy.  But, we need your help - so that we can help even more animals in need.

Beverly is an amazing friend.  One of those "once in a lifetime" friends - that you feel you have known your entire life.  You are instantly comfortable in their home, and know that you have great work to be shared together.  Nothing has convinced me more of this, than when I spoke to Bev on the phone - (for hours I must say) - just this last night.  We talked about the tornadoes, area friends, and the animals that have been found, reunited, injured, killed, or lost in the aftermath.  Bev has reached out to work with shelter animals in the past, out of the goodness of her heart and for no monetary compensation, to no avail.  Admittedly, it is difficult for shelters steeped in traditional veterinary medicine to allow a holistic "hoo-doo voo-doo" person into their facility.  The other night though, Bev decided that she would at least volunteer for the night shift to walk dogs.  As I spoke with her - I knew that if she were wearing essential oils herself - something positive could come just from her being in the room with the animals.  But, Bev is an amazing soul.  I feel that she was guided to meet certain people, dogs, and bring oils and light into the wreckage.

It didn't happen easily.  However, it did happen.  By "chance" (insert giggle here), Bev met the one pivotal person who allowed, and then witnessed the amazing transformations in some of the dogs' behaviors, through the use of essential oils.

This dog was found after the tornado, and is located at the Animal Resource Center (ARC) in Oklahoma City.

If you can see in the above picture - there is a bright pink sign on the cage that says "Use Caution."  This is the polite way the veterinary world says - "this dog may bite you..."  I can only imagine what these dogs were thinking; to be through a tornado, have their homes demolished, possibly witness their owners die, be lost, found, caught, transported, and put into a cage in a room with hundreds of other foundlings...  No doubt emotions are a roller coaster.  Instructions were that no one was to deal with dogs with such a label - except this certain pivotal person - who just so happened to give Bev (an aromatherapist) permission to use Essential Oils to ease some of the trauma, fear, and anxiety that these dogs were feeling.  Naturally, Bev picked the dogs with the "caution labels" to work with first, once the green light was given to try some essential oils for them.  These are the short versions their stories...

The sweet dog pictured above - was very fearful, understandably.  First, Bev waved a bit of the oils of Valor, Trauma Life, and Grounding into the air from her hands.  The dog seemed to relax a bit.  Then, allowed Bev to "pet" the oils onto the fur.  The dog proceeded to "melt" into relaxation.  The shelter workers were amazed.

"Thunder" another dog at the ARC.

The sweet little dog pictured above, was called "Thunder" by the shelter workers.  This poor dog was terribly frightened, and also had a "Caution" tag placed on his cage as he would snap out at workers in fear.  Wrapped around his little body is a make-shift "Thunder Wrap" - often used with anxious dogs as the pressure contacts acupressure points that are beneficial in calming.  After Thunder's exposure to essential oils with Bev - he snuggled up under her chin and cuddled with her.  Again - the shelter volunteers were shocked.

The brown dog at the rear of the cage wouldn't step past the kennel door before essential oils.

I'll share one more story with you - but know that Bev worked with many dogs until about 4 am in the morning!  The brown dog pictured at the back of the cage, (you can see the bottom of the pink "caution" sign at the top of the photo), was also quite fearful.  He would come near the front of the kennel, but was just too scared to come out of the door.  Shelter workers watched as Bev once again exposed the dog to Valor, Trauma Life, and Grounding - initially just on her hands, and waved in the air.  Bev felt guided to expose the dog to the high frequency oil of Rose - which is often used to raise life force and Chi energy.  As Bev sat outside the kennel door - the dog then proceeded to come out of the kennel - RIGHT INTO HER LAP!  He wrapped his front legs around her neck and clung to her like a baby.  There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who witnessed these transformations - that the oils had a great role in the dogs finding comfort and peace.  As a side note, I often use Rose oil to help those who are grieving loss - I imagine this dog was experiencing great loss.

There really were so many stories - that I just cannot share them all.  And, there is so much more need for all of the animals of Oklahoma (dogs, cats, horses, hamsters...) - to have some emotional support and healing, along with their humans.  

Here are a few more pictures of dogs Bev worked with...

So, what do I want you to do with me - to help even more animals of Oklahoma?  Well, I instantly knew that I would be sending AT LEAST 6 diffusers from my own supply to Oklahoma, so that Bev could easily diffuse essential oils for the rooms full of animals at the ARC shelter.  (I am sure her arms would get really tired waving all those essential oils into the air!)  The ability to diffuse the oils for an entire room of animals (and the workers) is a powerful thing - and many lives can be impacted.  Then, as we spoke about issues other than emotional concerns of the found animals - it became obvious that a diffuser and some "non-emotional" oils could be useful for the cats in the "respiratory" isolation room.  What I know of the greatness of the Universe - is that all of you reading this newsletter - would gladly give a dog, cat, horse, or other animal in need - a few drops of oil from your own personal stock.  

And that is what I am asking of you now.  If you can donate any oils to the animals of Oklahoma - will you?  Just think - even if you have an open bottle of Trauma Life - it could be donated to these animals.  Can't spare the entire bottle?  Then put some oil into a small sample bottle, (label it please), and send it along to the animals of Oklahoma.  The impact we can make for these animals (and the humans working with them) - can be astounding.  If you have experienced great healing, emotional support, or abundance in your life due to essential oils - now is the time to pass along that blessing to others.

Here are the ways you can contribute:
  1. If you would like to be a part of my "Diffuser Movement" - feel free to send a diffuser (even a used one you have around the house) or contribute funds for me to send even more diffusers to Oklahoma - by sending funds to my PayPal account by CLICKING HERE TO DONATE.  My favorite diffuser can be found here www.PlantExtractsInc.com - and I am OVER-THE-TOP pleased to announce that when I talked to Bill and Jill at Plant Extracts Inc. - they GRACIOUSLY donated MORE diffusers, as well as the shipping for them to Oklahoma.  I have always been so impressed with the kindness and love towards animals that Bill and Jill have shared with me.  Their diffusers are definitely the best on the market - I have used them for years - and the animals that will now benefit from their generosity brings tears to my eyes!  Be sure to call Bill and Jill - order a diffuser for yourself, an extra one for them to forward onto Oklahoma, and thank them for helping hundreds and hundreds of animals!  I personally love working with people who have such compassion for animals!
  2. If you have Young Living essential oils (see a list of oils recommended to send below) or diffusers that you would like to contribute - you can send them directly to Beverly McClendon:  10707 NE 5th Street     Midwest City, Oklahoma    73130-3046.
  3. Check the many Facebook pages dedicated to the found animals of Oklahoma - to see how you can contribute other items, supplies, or funds to help fill their needs.  Just recently I saw a request for disposable bowls to feed cat food from - such a basic thing - and so greatly appreciated!  Here is the Facebook page for the ARC - https://www.facebook.com/animalresourcecenter
  4. Did you also know that you can order directly from your Young Living account - and have that order drop shipped to Bev?  It saves time and shipping costs.

Requested Oils and items needed for donation:

Peace & Calming
Eucalyptus Blue
Frankincense (either one)
Trauma Life
Present Time
Into the Future
Thieves Household Cleaner
Animal Scents Shampoo
Animal Scents Ointment

There are many more items and supplies that would be helpful - however - I thought it was a good start to request just a few things.  If you feel led to donate additional Young Living Essential Oils - please do so.  Make sure to package up your donated oils well, and place any opened bottles in shipping tubes or wrapped in paper toweling and a plastic ziplock bag, to prevent any leakage during shipping.  

Again - you may donate to my PayPal account - and all of these funds will go towards donating diffusers and oils to all of the animals of the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Or you may ship diffusers or Young Living Essential Oils directly to Bev at the address below:

Beverly McClendon
10707 NE 5th Street
Midwest City, Ok  73130-3046


It gives me goosebumps to know the benefits that these essential oil supplies can bring to Oklahoma.  Please join me in any small part that you feel you can contribute.  Even 10 drops of essential oil - can run a diffuser for hundreds of animals - for 24 hours!  It doesn't take much monetary commitment to help - just the shipping costs to get the oil to Oklahoma.  Imagine the impact that will happen, if we all send "just a few drops" of our own oils to the animals.  The magic and love behind that movement - to me - is profound.

Please, visit my website www.OilyVet.com for information on classes, links to past newsletters, to purchase books on using Essential Oils in animals, to view You Tube Videos, and more!

And remember, I only recommend the use of what I term, "medical grade essential oils" for use with animals (or humans for that matter).  Young Living Essential Oils have been used with animals and humans for many years.  This fact has created a great data base of information and use experience to draw from.  The use of essential oils that have not been evaluated and proven safe for use in animals, is not recommended, and may prove dangerous for your animals.  Through research, case studies, and retrospective studies - I am documenting the difference in qualities of essential oils in my veterinary hospital - and we are continually striving to provide more information to everyone who desires to use essential oils for their animals.  You can find Young Living Essential Oils on my website at https://www.youngliving.org/crah

During the month of May - when you purchase products worth 190 PV from Young Living - you will get a free 15 mL bottle of Lemongrass and a 5 mL bottle of Ocotea.  A retail value worth over $60!  Check out some of my favorite Young Living products at www.YoungLiving.com/crah and don't forget that you can create a wholesale account (without having to sell anything) and qualify to have 24% off of retail prices - just enroll with this option on our website, or email us at CrowRiverAnimalHospital@gmail.com if you need more information about this.         

Until Next Time!
Melissa Shelton DVM

Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the counsel of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.



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