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ZOOEY "Time To Meet Outside" out now

Time To Meet Outside cover
ZOOEY is two hearts beating as one. Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet fell in love on a French island in the sun, lulled by Burt Bacharach and the Wilson brothers. They now live in South London where they create a unique and charming union of easy listening and dance music. Their electronic pop songs blend quirky beat patterns with melancholic synths and daydream exotica vocals. « Travelin’ light » is their mantra. Join in the reverie with "Time To Meet Outside" their new 4 tracks EP released now on RECORDER

"Time To Meet Outside"
01.Spring! 02.We Could Get It All 03.Pique Nique Et Jeux Dans L’Eau 04.Goodbye Now
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« French couple Marie Merlet and Matthieu Beck have been making gloriously pretty dream-pop under the ZOOEY moniker for a few years now, but they’ve so far remained an undiscovered gem. Hopefully, this will all change with the release of their wonderful four track ‘Time To Meet Outside’ EP. It’s out now on Recorder Records »


Zooey Pique Nique Et Jeux Dans L'Eau video
Sad Foxes Productions presents ZOOEY « Pique Nique Et Jeux Dans L’Eau », extract from « Time To Meet Outside » EP (RECORDER 2011)


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