As you know, the office visit routine includes a visit to the lab (treatment room) and in this area, either Margaret, Merle or Liza takes and records your blood pressure, weight and waist circumference. Often you go to the lab to have diagnostic tests completed and to receive a treatment that has been prescribed for you. Have you ever wondered about the treatments that you or others receive?

Among the most frequently used treatments is the intravenous administration of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is used in your household to disinfect or to bleach because it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces. Did you know that your body makes hydrogen peroxide for the same purpose?

Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in the body and is manufactured by a certain type of cell that protects the body from invading bacteria, viruses and yeast. Hydrogen peroxide has an ability to influence the production of several cell types responsive for tissue healing and repair. Cells have an enzyme called catalase that protects the cell and breaks down the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water (H2O) and a singlet oxygen (O2). This singlet oxygen is a powerful oxidizing agent that kills or inhibits harmful organisms.

Living organisms utilize oxygen to generate energy and respiration. Oxygen is lowed by pollution, chlorination of water, poor quality of air, over processed food and use of antibiotics. Most common ailments are directly related to oxygen starvation.

Hydrogen peroxide, in the proper strength, can be administered intravenously. Pharmaceutical grade, hydrogen peroxide .03 percent is infused into the circulatory system through the vein in the arm. The infusion takes approximately 90 minutes.

Patients with influenza symptoms such as high temperature generalized joint pain, muscle aches and general malaise will respond almost immediately. The influenza rarely persists more than three or four days. If the treatment is started immediately after the diagnosis, relief can be dramatic.

Following is a partial listing of conditions for which treatment by hydrogen peroxide is beneficial: 
      acute influenza or for the common cold
      bacterial, fungal, parasitical and viral infections
      cardiovascular system diseases
      chronic or acute pain
      emphysema and lung problems
      joint inflammation
      osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
      shingles caused by the Herpes Zoster virus
      tendonitis or bursitis
      type II diabetes


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