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Welcome to Jayné!

A very warm welcome to our new i-Teams Deputy Director, Jayné Franck! 

Jayné is carrying out her PhD research at the IfM, examining how design of spaces can facilitate sustainably responsible behaviours. 

Jayné studied Architecture at the University of New Mexico (US), where she chaired the energy conservation team for the Sustainability Studies Program. She has a background in business management, community outreach, computer programming, and building construction. She also brings 20 years of mentoring and coaching experience to her work with i-Teams, and is thoroughly enjoying her first term. 

i-Teams at the Science Festival

Using moss to power fairy lights and allowing pigs to reach their food through a catflap were some of the bright ideas to use scientific inventions in the What would you use THAT for? competition.

The competition was run at the Institute for Manufacturing during the Cambridge Science Festival as part of the i-Teams demonstration of recent and future products based on real scientific inventions. Entrants were asked to submit ideas for how these might be used in real life. 

Demonstrations included a super-accurate timer from Qumet Technologies and novel laser inks from Illumink (a past i-Teams project), both of which are start-ups from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Fellowship scheme.

Other demonstrations included Moss FM – a new technology which is under development for generating electricity from moss, and powering products such as digital clocks and radios (also one of this year's i-Teams projects). Other technologies on display included the Light Blue Optics interactive projector which turns any surface into a touchscreen, the widely-available SureFlap catflap which identifies cats from their microchip ID tags, software from CodeKingdoms which teaches children to program computers through games, and build-your-own electronic gadgets from TechnologyWillSaveUs.

This was the fourth year of our competition and the busiest year yet. We had nearly 100 wonderfully imaginative entries, and we very much enjoyed reading through them.

For full details of the winners see the i-Teams website.


Industry Engagement Workshops

Cambridge Enterprise is currently running a series of Industry Engagement Workshops. These last for a whole day and involve an external organisation which brings a set of questions and themes for discussion. The aims are to learn more about each other and our relevant research interests, and also to identify some real collaborative research projects to take forward.

There are three of these coming up in the next couple of months, covering a wide range of topics, and open to academics, PostDocs and PhDs. If you are interested in any of the topics to be discussed, contact us here and we will send more details. 

June 20th - Element Six - the global leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond super materials 

  • Numerical modelling of materials under High Pressure High Temperature conditions, and modelling of polycrystalline materials
  • Understanding the properties and wear characteristics of Polycrystalline Boron Nitride
  • Understanding the properties of Polycrystalline Diamond, and rock mechanics under drilling conditions
  • Composite Materials - including behaviour under mining conditions, behaviour of fractures, powder preparation and mixing techniques

July 10th - The World Bank - on the Middle East and North Africa 

  • Economic exclusion by age and gender
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the impact of investment
  • Maximising job creation and increasing private sector competitiveness
  • Increasing access to personal financial services
  • Redirecting philanthropy from short-term aid to long-term development projects

July 16th - The Insurance Industry - a focus on modelling risks and the impacts of events

  • Uncertainties and assumptions in modelling
  • Understanding the psychology of individual behaviour in the market environment
  • Calculating the insurance value of the environment
  • Risk concentrations and correlations
  • The cloud and large‐scale computing: ethics, behaviour and insurable risks  

11th CUTEC Technology Ventures Conference: Beyond the Now!

23rd June 2014 | West Road Concert Hall | 8am-6.30pm

Join the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club for its 11th annual Technology Ventures Conference. The conference, titled "Beyond the Now", features 15 TED style talks from world leading entrepreneurs and technologists. Exploring the impact of technology innovation on the future of our society, the talks will be led by keynote speakers including:

Naveen Jain, founder of Moon Express, InfoSpace, Inome and the World Innovation Institute
Hazel Henderson, founder of Ethical Markets Media
Dr Eric Drexler, â€œthe founding father of nanotechnology”.

For more information on the conference, speakers, and competitions visit Tickets can be purchased here.


End-of-term presentations will be on Thursday June 19th from 6.30pm at the Institute for Manufacturing. Register here to attend.

Projects feature an algorithm for creating collaborative networks, software for teacher professional development, processing mining wastes using carbon capture techniques and a new platform for biomarker diagnostics.


Next course

Michaelmas term i-Teams runs on Monday evenings at the IfM from October. Projects will be announced in early September. 


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