Have Your Voice Heard

This week the Kansas Legislature will be voting on HB2096. HB2096 is the amended version of SB179 and SB212. This measure will affect thousands of Kansas Public Employees at both the state level, and at the local level. HB2096 would end all voluntarily paycheck deductions. No union dues, no charities, no parking fees. All voluntarily deductions would be outlawed. This measure also completely gets rid of the grievance and arbitration process. The measure would also limit collective bargaining to minimum salaries and wages. This is a complete slap in the face to all public employees, and a direct attack on their rights, which they have struggled for throughout the years.
This is a direct assault on Kansas’s workers. These measures serve no purpose for the public at large, and are being promoted by special interests. We need to take a stand and make sure our voices are heard as a strong opposition to this measure. The easiest way you can help public servants today is by singing our petition, which can be done by clicking here.  

In 2013 we were told that bills like these are needed “to get rid of public sector unions” in Kansas. It seems like that many State Legislators took that message to heart and are now promoting policies which move us to that end goal.  Targeting these employees serves no benefit to the state of Kansas.  This new petition is in opposition to this new bill, HB2096.
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