Notes for attendees of Allan Savory's talk & seminar series in Bris/Syd/Melbs 2013

Hey *|FNAME|*, we hope you enjoyed spending time with Allan Savory - thank you so much for coming.

To reiterate what Allan emphasised, our future is in our hands. We are all the ones we've been waiting for.

So let's get going! Please find below some starting points and resources to help support you move towards managing holistically, whatever your enterprise or project may be...

Savory Institute resources

Savory Institute E-books

other resources mentioned

Articles and coverage

From Allan's recent 2013 Aussie tour...

Thank you...

RegenAG and Milkwood would like to very much thank Allan Savory for agreeing to city-hop through eastern Australia in the name of knowledge, and for sharing his wealth of experience with us all, as well as both the Savory Institute and Rodger Savory who were central to making this tour happen.

We'd also like to thank Brett de Hayr and all at the National Landcare Facilitator for their awesome support, without which it would have been very hard for us to take on the risks involved in such a tour.

Big thanks to Costa Georgiadis for effortlessly bouncing around the country to introduce Allan in 3 states, as well as all the RegenAG + Milkwood helpers and crew who made the tour happen. Yay you guys.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you, *|FNAME|*. Without your support and passion to be involved in the holistic management conversation, this sort of independently organised knowledge exchange could not happen in Australia. Thanks a lot for taking the time to come along...

Oh! And just a note that this email has gone out to everyone who booked tickets. However if you booked a batch of tickets, we only have the email/name of the person that booked them, not all the attendees. Feel free to forward this on to anyone else that you think should get it...

And that's it from us. Yours and growing,

The RegenAG + Milkwood crews

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Holistic Management Handbook: Healthy Land, Healthy Profits - Jody Butterfield, Sam Bingham, Allan Savory
Holistic Planned Grazing Chart - This chart guides your holistic management planning. Delivered as a pdf download.
Aide Memoire for Holistic Planned Grazing - The Aide Memoire is a planning information tool to be used  in conjunction with the Holistic Planned Grazing chart.
Allan Savory's TED talk - we know you've likely seen this by now... but has your family?
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