Hitting you with it.

July 2015

Hi There,
Watch-out!  It's another feast for the peepers.  Go ahead and indulge yourself . . . .

Vodafone for Badger Communications

I have my suspicions that Badger Communications cannot actually communicate with badgers. But outlandish claims aside, they do bring me some cool jobs, so I'm happy to just go along with it and keep any doubts to myself.

alex wallace advertsing photography new zealand auckland
You may already have seen this image, as it's up on billboards across New Zealand right now . . . . not that I'm bragging mind.

Audi for BCG2 and FCB

It was cold, wet and windy and we had a mere 30 minutes to locate, light and create this shot.  I think we did pretty well.  There I go blowing my own trumpet again, but hey, somebody's gotta do it.

alex wallace business photography auckland new zealand

The car is of the sweet new Audi e-tron hybrid-electric variety.  The human is of the deluxe high-achieving variety:  Vaughn Rowsell, founder of Vend POS software who's company is rapidly revolutionising the retail world.

Brave Day

I'll be submitting these shots to Wikipedia to succinctly demonstrate the term 'Corporate Portrait'  ; they are ticking all the boxes: Smart, professional, amiable and trust-worthy.  Exactly the sort of people you'd choose to do business with.

alex wallace business portrait photos auckland new zealand
Eds and JomineDon't trust these two;  They are not best friends, they weren't on a road-trip and are only pretending to laugh.  Damn, it's so convincing though!   Much as I hate to burst the bubble of utopian harmony, we shot these while sat in a car-park 30 minutes after they first met.

alex wallace lifestyle and advertising photography auckland new zealand
Click on the pic to see more evidence of their sham relationship.

Need someone to embellish the truth and paint a glorified version of reality?  Well get in touch because that's exactly what I do . . . . . sometimes.


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