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Welcome to the newsletter for September.

Welcome back to everyone after the summer! As we head into autumn, focus for the campaign remains firmly on infrastructure plans and reactions to what is being proposed or installed. In this month's newsletter we look into and assess plans for Elswick Road and Haddricks Mill, review the Clayton Street contraflow, and we investigate how connected Newcastle is when it comes to transport matters.

Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Elswick Road Consultation – Our Response

In general, the campaign supports the plans presented for Elswick Road. However, we do have some questions about the design. To read more about these in our response, as well as for links to documents to which the reply refers, click here.

Crushed Clayton Street Cycle Contraflow 

One year on from the original request and Newcastle does now have its first cycle contraflow. However, when it was built, it was left in a rather precarious position for weeks. How come? Katja Leyendecker, chair of NewCycling, runs through the parts of the design that have been done badly (and reported by many of you) and urges the council to build adequate and safe infrastructure! Click here to read the press article.

The Haddricks Mill Mincer

Current council plans for the already very claustrophobic Haddrick Mill roundabout in Gosforth look like making it into a complete dead-spot for walking and cycling. To read a summary of the main points discussed, including the main failings, click here. There is also a press release on the NewCycling website, entitled "Newcastle council road plan kicks cycling out".

Newcastle Disconnected On Transport Matters

Whilst some matters are slowly getting better, important gaps in transport still exist within Newcastle City Council, and aren’t necessarily narrowing. To read what the campaign would like to see, and to be able to get more involved with, click here.

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