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Welcome to our newsletter for December.

While the end of the year is creeping up fast, 2016 still has more plenty more stories and action currently going on. Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to everybody who donated with Grow Your Tenner, we raised over £1,400 and gained four new direct debit donors... a new record!
In other news this month, we have reports of the social value of cycling in Africa from Chi Onwurah MP and how development plans in London offer an insight into what we can do in the UK; our position on Brandling Park and the Blue House Roundabout; our response to the national 'Urban Congestion Inquiry'; a video appearance about the need for more cycle lanes in Newcastle city centre and more details of Katja's recent speech to the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group.

We would like to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and the best of cheer for the festive season, and we'll return with our next newsletter at the end of January.
Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Chi Onwurah MP Reports On Cycling, Women & Africa

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle, reports from her recent trip to Africa and gives us her perspective of what it is like to cycle in a local town in Namibia. To read her account of the social value of cycling, women empowerment and hope for the future, click here.


Our Chair Speaks At All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group Meeting

In front of a group of MPs in London on 29 November 2016, our chair spoke at an All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group meeting. Katja's message was one of inclusion and empathy – as well as money and design. To see the slides from her presentation, click here.

Blue House Roundabout & Jesmond Dene Road – Where Is The Cycling?

In response to the Blue House roundabout plans, a public outcry forced Newcastle City Council to go back to the drawing board. To the council’s credit they have gone back to basics and invited local groups – including NewCycling – to discuss what should happen here and the impact these decisions will have on a future Newcastle. To read about what has come out of these lengthy discussions and the designs being examined, click here.

Brandling Park: Public Statement

Newcastle City Council has been working on options for Brandling Park for the past three years. People may have noticed that construction works have now started, following a physical trial at the junction with Clayton Road. Unfortunately, the final plan could be another reiteration which we are rather unhappy with, as two aspects have us gravely concerned for the future of designing cycling infrastructure in Newcastle. For more details about these plans, as well our reservations, click here.

Our Response To The Urban Congestion Inquiry

Unfortunately we see 'road building' under the banner of congestion relief applied in Newcastle time and time again. The most recent plans we have seen to that effect are for the so-called 'Northern Access Corridor'. For the written response from NewCycling in response to this inquiry, including what we need for Newcastle, read the article here.

‘We Should Be More Like Amsterdam’

Using Amsterdam as an example of a true cycling city, Newcastle Cycle Campaign calls for more cycle lanes in Newcastle. On the Evening Chronicle website (23 November 2016), NewCycling called for more cycle lanes after the first in the city was introduced on John Dobson Street. On video, our chair, Katja Leyendecker, gives the campaign’s position on the project and talks about our hopes for the future. Click here to watch the video.

A Visit To Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland

The upcoming second phase of Newcastle’s Cycle City Ambition Fund includes plans to reduce traffic and improve conditions for walking and cycling in neighbourhoods close to the city centre – all part of the ‘Streets for People’ initiative. These were in part inspired by plans in progress in London called ‘Mini-Hollands’, including Waltham Forest, where we visited recently to look at what they had done so far. Click here to read the full story.

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