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Welcome to our newsletter for June.

This month, Newcycling is still building on everything that was discussed and decided at the AGM, and planning our moves forward, while in the newsletter we talk about how the political parties differ in their plans for cycling; we send a letter to Robert Goodwill MP, minister for cycling about overcoming barriers to women cycling; and there are discussions of budget, transport and equality, and how Newcastle can become the Cycle City it aims to be.

Upcoming dates for the diary include:
  • 2 July NewcastleGateshead Naked Bike Ride – Join the very first Toon Naked Bike Ride – as bare as you dare – for the Newcastle-Gateshead leg of the World Naked Bike Ride, 14.00-16.00.
Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Political Ambition For Cycling

Before the local elections, we asked the political parties for statements of their commitment to and plans for cycling in Newcastle, and received responses from the Green Party, Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party.  To read our analysis and how ambitious these statements are, click here.

Our Letter To Robert Goodwill MP (The Cycling Minister)

In response to the alarming remark made by Robert Goodwill MP concerning helmet hair at an organised parliamentary debate, Newcycling has written to the Cycling Minister to express our deep disappointment with regards to his ignorance on this important subject, and to invite him to embark on a journey of enlightenment, starting with the basics. To read the letter, click here.

Equality In Expenditure? Not So.

It is once more a concern for the campaign about the mixed messages on investment, spending and work programmes from the local authority carrying out planning and transport duties. Since first highlighting the confusion about transport expenditure and planning practices, the same problems remain today, and it may even get worse with the arrival of devolution. Read more about this here.

A Charter For Sensible Road Safety

Newcycling has released a plea to local authorities and responsible agencies to make road safety relevant to our modern times. We want to see construction of a good quality cycle network in Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. So it is in the woeful absence of sensible cycling and walking infrastructure, that we ask the council to adopt a much stronger position in the interim. Read more about this in our press release here.

Get Involved

Newcastle Cycling Campaign is a not-for-profit community group, run by volunteers, lobbying for a city with space for cycling. Join us today to help us shout out even louder for a cycling-friendly Newcastle & Tyneside.

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