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Welcome to the newsletter for December.

Another very productive month for the campaign, our last newsletter of 2015 has a round-up of current activity for the campaign, including our communications with Newcastle City Council about the price we pay for our transport system, our reply to the plan for north of the city centre and designation of roads in the Haddrick’s Mill area; questions we have about the Cycle City Ambition Fund; and a talk by our secretary, Claire Prospert, about summarising our first five years of campaigning.

Best wishes to all our members for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, hope you enjoy the festive season and we’ll see you again after a short break for the next newsletter in February 2016 with a bumper edition, as we’ll have information about the lead-up to the AGM.

Upcoming dates for the diary include:
  • 13 January Who Owns The Roads– this event is organised by Skeptics in a Pub and is thought-provoking, and at times controversial, talk by author and journalist Carlton Reid, taking place at the Tyneside Irish Centre in Newcastle from 7:30pm.
Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

What Is The Price We Pay For Our Transport System?

Following our letter to Pat Ritchie, Chief Executive of Newcastle City Council, about budget transparency and accountability for the council’s transport function, we would like to continue talking about the transport transition and the cost of the current system as we feel this is the best way to ask for leadership on this vitally important matter. Due to having received no reply to our last letter, we will simply continue outlining the current and future needs of the transport transition. Click here to read our letter.

City Centre North Engagement – Our Reply

As we have pointed out previously on a number of occasions, Newcastle City Council must urgently put together a city centre movement plan (for walking, cycling, public transport and motor traffic) and describe how these routes and networks connect to the wider areas of Newcastle. Click here to read our reply to the council for schemes under consideration for the north of the City Centre, including more info from the council's website here:

Haddrick’s Mill – Through Routes & Distributor Roads

In our two previous articles, we discussed the Haddrick’s Mill Junction in general terms and talked more specifically about the required cycle provision. One of the key points we have been making is that roads need to be clearly designated by their function. So it was a pleasant surprise to see a booklet (recently published by the council) showing a road designation system, albeit rudimentary, now being developed! Have the council got it right? Have a look here.

Cycle City Ambition Programme 2 – Summary & Questions

One year on, we have a look at the Cycle City Ambition Fund 2, its general content and feasibility. The documentation was put together by Newcastle City Council, although they did not contact Newcycling to collaborate or allow us to help shape the input and direction of the bid. Despite being a strong transport and cycling stakeholder, we were given no involvement whatsoever in the content, quality or its ambition. Based on our experience of the last two years of CCAF1 delivery and many years of experience with council engagement, we must ask some serious questions. Read more about this issue, including our remaining questions, here.

Our Campaign – 5 Years In 15 Minutes

Claire Prospert, our Secretary and co-founder, was invited to speak at the Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Sciences. You can listen to her enlightening talk summarising five years of campaigning in 15 minutes here, where we also include other talks by speakers from academia and activism, as well as Claire's thoughts on the campaign focus and what is needed for the future.

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