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Welcome to the newsletter for June.

This month we look into work on the Gosforth Strategic Cycle Route (SCR4) north of Regent Centre and the installation of a cycle contraflow in Newcastle city centre. Among the many developments starting to unfold through the city, there are plenty of other areas we also need to keep our eye on, including gaps in the provision of SCRs and developing safe routes to schools to enable children and parents to cycle.
We are also asking for your help to engage the North East’s largest employers in British Cycling’s “ChooseCycling" campaign, and are launching a new-style members meeting to get people engaged with the campaign's work.

Upcoming dates for the diary include: Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Cycling With Children

Experts state 'increasing child cycling has proved particularly challenging… with rates of children cycling to school barely shifting'. Click here to read Catherine Weare's article about the work of Dr Rachel Aldred, smart travel researcher, including what we can do as parents, officials and campaigners to enable safe, enjoyable cycling for a new generation of young people.
There's also an article from Sally about cycling to school in Jesmond (click here), including what could be done to improve things.

#ChooseCycling - For Action!

Do you work in, or do you know anyone working in one of Newcastle's largest employers? During the summer we are looking to get as many Newcastle-based big businesses to join British Cycling's new national business network called #ChooseCycling. For more on this network, the list of businesses we are targeting and how you can help, see the article here.

Gaps In The Maps

Newcastle has some fairly extreme housing expansion plans for between now and 2030, wanting to see thousands of homes built through a belt of green land on 21 sites in the west of the city. But how is the transport system going to accommodate such an aggressive expansion and can the existing plans for Strategic Cycle Routes provide access to these areas? Read more on this story here.

City Centre Contraflow Controversy

You reported... we acted! Cycle contraflows, if designed inclusively and well, can be a powerful tool in a city’s cycle network. Newcastle has just seen the addition of white road markings on Clayton Street – part of the recently finished Central Station works and the city’s first cycle contraflow. Sadly, however, the safety of its design is lacking as the space is not protected from vehicle invasion. To read more about this and see our request to Newcastle City Council, click here.

Caring Is Not Always Sharing

Newcastle City Council have now started works on the Gosforth Strategic Cycle Route (SCR4) north of Regent Centre. However, plans that we have seen currently look unfinished-a work in progress. That spurred the committee to contact the council to ask to be involved. For more on this story, including suggestions for some of the areas to be improved, click here

Recyke Y' Bike Need Help

The cycling charity, Recyke, is expanding its operations in Newcastle City Centre, Byker and Durham and is looking for more quality bikes and parts, along with volunteers to spare a little time on a regular basis helping with retail, admin and marketing. To read exactly what they are after and how you can help, click here.

Get Involved

Newcastle Cycling Campaign is a not-for-profit community group lobbying for better provision for cycling and cyclists by bringing together the diversity of cycling, its organisations and businesses, groups and individuals. Join us today to help us shout out even louder for a bike-friendly Newcastle & Tyneside.

You can also chat with us on Twitter @newcycling or join the Friends of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign group on Facebook.

Or if you would like to get more involved, have ideas for topics to be debated at the members' meetings or would like to recommend a speaker, please get in touch either through the website or by email.

You can donate online to the Campaign through Localgiving.

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