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Welcome to the newsletter for December.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Newcycling Management Committee !!

The big call this month is for volunteers to help the campaign grow. Following November's committee meeting, we have a need to get more people to help with all aspects of the campaign's work now and in the future. For more details on this and other news this month, please see the articles below.

We would also like to offer a warm thank you for all the donations that have been made to the campaign. This year, we have raised just above £1,000 including the match-funding from LocalGiving.

Upcoming dates for the diary include:
  • 27 January Members' Meeting – Come and join us at The Trent for a drink and chat from 19:00.
Keep on pedalling!

The management committee for Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Members' Help Needed

Under this year’s motto “Shifting Up A Gear”, the committee is looking to keep on growing the work we do, as well as meet the increasing demands on the Campaign. To do this, we need members' help in a wide range of roles, not just on the committee, so if you would be able to spare some time to help, please have a read of our requirements here, and get in touch now at:

What We Want From Newcastle City Council

Now in its fifth year, the campaign spells out to Newcastle City Council what is needed to transition into a diverse, fair and vibrant city with an inclusive transport system at its heart. Click here to read our vision, and if you have time to help us with the campaign, see the article above about assistance required from members.

Gosforth Meeting – Members’ Responses

Campaign member Bill addressed the Gosforth Councillors at a meeting to discuss 'controversial' transport plans for Gosforth, click here for more. For a great response following up on the meeting, see the letter from Alastair here.

City Cycling Campaigns Call For Quality Cycle Infrastructure

While it is welcome that Newcastle leads support for Space4Cycling among the core cities group (see the articles from the CTC and Bike Hub) and the recent announcement for funding cycling infrastructure, Newcycling and other city campaigns report that progress on the ground is slow and quality cycling infrastructure is yet to be seen and praised. For an article about this on, click here. And just hot off the press, see the campaigns' joint letter to the minister here.


Time To Re-Think Road Safety

Filed during UK Road Safety Week (17-23 November), read our take on the event here and how we think it should be changed. This angle was also published in Cycling Weekly (click here), along with views from others including Dr Robert Davis of the Road Danger Reduction Forum.

Sustainable Safety – Forgivingness & State Awareness

This article covers the last two principles of Sustainable Safety and what they mean for cycling safety and road design. Click here to read more, including the complete series of articles.

Get Involved

Newcastle Cycling Campaign is a not-for-profit community group lobbying for better provision for cycling and cyclists by bringing together the diversity of cycling, its organisations and businesses, groups and individuals. Join us today to help us shout out even louder for a bike-friendly Newcastle & Tyneside.

You can also chat with us on Twitter @newcycling or join the Friends of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign group on Facebook.

Or if you would like to get more involved, have ideas for topics to be debated at the members' meetings or would like to recommend a speaker, please get in touch either through the website or by email.

You can donate online to the Campaign through Localgiving.

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