Are you holding out for a lotto win so you can start living your dream life? If you are then dream on. Those who succeed never do it by chance, but by choice. 
This week, we are discussing:

The lotto life?

It's not for you... 

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Statistics show that about 80% of people who win lotto are in the same position or worse off 2 years after winning than they were before. How can this be? Well it can be because humans are meaning making machines and we are competitive by nature. That;s how we have come so far and achieved so much. We are created to strive for more. And success that is lasting is built upon habit of success. You can only fake it so far. Then you have to get to work. 

Those who succeed have a few common traits. Those who win lotto might have one or two of these traits but not all of them. See if you can spot which ones they are missing. 

Traits of successful people - 

Time management - successful people manage their time. They are usually the ones who fit so much in to their life and still seem to have the balance. Those who are not successful are usually 'busy' all the time but seem to achieve little in the way of results. 

Goal driven - successful people have specific goals they are working towards. They know what they are working for, when they want to achieve it and what they have to do to achieve it. 

Persistence - successful people know that you need to keep going even when it seems that your goal may not happen. They have strategies to overcome setbacks but always keep their eye on the goal. It may be delayed but never forgotten. 

Personal accountability - successful people hold themselves accountable. They don't blame others, the weather, the financial markets or 'luck' when things don't go to plan.

Play to their strengths - over time successful people recognise their strengths. They work out what they are great at and do more and more of that. The things they are not so good at they find a way to manage or delegate. 

They don't sit around and wish for a lotto win. They get out there and make a life they love. If they win lotto, then that just adds to an already sound base that they can use to be even more successful. What I have found though when being around successful people is that most of them don't even play lotto. 

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