A quick guide to goal setting that works. 
This week, we are discussing:

Why is goal setting so confusing?

and why only 3% of the population do it.

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You become what you believe... and if you don't believe you are worthy, of greatness, love, honesty and abundance... you won't achieve what you want. 

You don't become what you wish for or what you want. You become what you believe you are worthy of. When asked how many people have goals written down, only about 3% of the population can say yes. We tell stories about why we don't have things written down. We don't have time. I just haven't got around to it. I keep it in my head. I did that once and it didn't work. We are a product of the stories we tell. And many people work very hard at working. We work all day and by the time we get home we are tired and can't be bothered planning our lives. It is very easy for years to go by and for life to look just the same as it did last month, last year, last decade. Gosh there are even people who haven't changed their hairstyle for decades. 

So how can we make it easy to set goals that we believe we are worthy of. 

  1. 1. Have economic goals. Make sure your finances are in order. What do you want to earn? How will you earn it? Finances play a big part in everyone's lives so take some time to develop and economic plan. Most people, if asked to produce an economic plan for the next 12 months to 5 years would not be able to do it? And yet we all have things we want to do. Having the financial capacity to do things makes life more fulfilling.  You won't earn more until you learn how to manage what you have.And if you do have a windfall and you haven't mastered it, it will all disappear anyway. When you have mastered your finances you will be in a position to start to grow your finances. Just seems to be the way. 
  4. 2. Make a list of the things you want. Include things of all sizes and shapes. Half the fun in having a list is crossing things off. Want to feel better every day. Write a list and at number one on your list should be 'write a list'. Then you can cross something off straight away.
  6.  3. Have personal development goals. These are things like - be more decisive, take a cooking class, learn a new language, get fit (a far healthier goal than just lose weight).What new skills will you have in the next 12 months to 2 years
Finally in this newsletter I wanted to share some Tony Robbins wisdom. He talks about goals having power. Think of them as RPM.

R - stands for result. Know the result that will let you know you have reached your goal. The more clarity you have around your goals the easier it will be to take steps towards them.
P -stands for peace. Why are you seeking this goal. Be at peace with the reason and have enough reasons or a big enough reason that nothing will stop you.
M - stands for massive action plan. What action will you take to make your goals a reality. Leave the TV off, spend 30 minutes a day working on them (this equates to 182.5 hours per year on planning your goals). Do the things that will make it very clear what you have to do to achieve a life you are worthy of. And know that taking the steps is increasing your worth. 

have a great week.

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