What is the difference between a good leader and great one?
This week, we are discussing:

The fundamentals of leadership

What all leaders do. 

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Leadership can mean many things and be seen in many places...

   At work

  • Leaders can be seen at all levels in the workplace. It may sometimes be the office junior who demonstrates great leadership qualities while those in senior position act in ways that are not effective or empowering. 

    In the home
    Parents can demonstrate leadership in the home. Often it will be one of the children who demonstrate leadership. 

    In Public
    How often do we see someone do something extraordinary in public. OK, maybe not too often in our own lives but you can find examples everywhere of those everyday heroes who take control and show themselves as leaders. Just do a YouTube hunt for everyday heroes. 

    So what does leadership look like? If you had to define it is just 3 lines, what would it be?

    Here are the fundamentals of leadership.

    See things as they are.
    Have an in depth, honest look at exactly where you are right now. Don't see things any worse than they are. Often, we tend to catastrophise our world and see things as being much worse than they actually are. If you remove emotion from a situation and just stick with facts, often things are not as bad as we initially think. 

    See things as better than they are.
    Imagine how things can be. Imagine if they were better. What does that look like? What has to happen for them to be better? How will you know when they are better?

    Take whatever action you need to to make it happen. 
    You might be able to master the first 2 steps but not take any action. Nothing will change until you do. You must take action. Better still take massive action. Don't let your fear stop you. Do whatever it takes to change your circumstances so that they please you rather than distress you. 

    A leader will find a way. If they can't find a way they will make on, create one, design one. 

    Be a leader. 

have a great week.

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If there is one secret to leadership, it is this. Do the work.

Sherry Davies-Selak
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