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This week, we are discussing:

How do you lead a peaceful life?

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Is it possible?

I believe it is. Most of the time. There are days when my life seems much more peaceful and calm. On reflection it is not that the world is any less chaotic on those days. It is that I make a decision that MY world will be a little less chaotic on those days. So I thought I would share 5 quick tips to have more peace. 
  • Meditate - Give your mind a break from the chatter. Meditation can be active, things like dancing, painting, walking, running. Any activity that puts you in to that 'flow' space, where time disappears and you feel calm, can be classed as meditiation. The benefits of meditation on blood pressure, stress related symptoms and illness well documented. 
  • Fix it or forget it - There is a buddhist saying that goes - 'if you have a problem and you can fix it, why worry. And if you have a problem and you cannot fix it, why worry.' Wise words indeed. 
  • Don't over think everything. I'm guilty of this one at times (a lot!!). I have learned to challenge my thinking and to use my curious nature to investigate the positives rather than think about all the negatives. If you are someone who thinks a lot, ponder all the great things you have in your world. 
  • Move your body - Our bodies are designed to move every day. The days when I just sit and do too much work at my computer, my body hurts. It is difficult to feel calm and peaceful when you are in pain. Make it a priority to get up every hour at least and move, stretch, walk around. If you can spare more time, do a class at the gym, go for a walk, run or swim, or just put on some music and dance. 
  • Get enough sleep - I find when I am over tired everything seems harder. When I am well rested I don't get as cranky and I can see solutions rather than problems. 
Let us know what your top tips are. 

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have a great week.

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‎"When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there."

Zig Ziglar

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