do you  leave yourself open to opportunities? Are you flexible enough to take the ones that present themselves? Or are you more cautious?
This week, we are discussing:

Seize the day?

Opportunities. Take them or leave them?

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Opportunities are everywhere. Sometimes we see them and seize them. Other times we see them and leave them. Why? Oprah describes 'luck' as when preparedness meets opportunity. When the two intersect, that is when we truly 'get lucky' in life. How do you prepare yourself for opportunities? Well it doesn't have to be spur of the moment seizing of opportunities. Sometimes long term planning puts you in a position to accept opportunities that were not even available when you began your journey. Going to university is just one example. We often go to university or undertake study and don't really know what we want to do with the knowledge we are gathering. Only after years of preparation sometimes do the opportunities present themselves.

Opportunities are everywhere. Some are big, some small and yes, some do come disguised as hard work. In the last week I have watched the Jim Carey movie 'Yes man' again and also had several opportunities present themselves. I haven't been a 'yes girl' every time, but have said yes to some great things this week, including the chance to go on a cultural field tour with some students from a local university. 

Saying yes is not the only way to take advantage of opportunities though. Sometimes saying no will allow different opportunities to show up. 

So this week, say yes, say no and notice how many opportunities you have. 

have a great week.

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