'Choose'day is the day to ask for what you want
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Ask and you shall receive.
And then ask again.
We are told from a very young in a Christian based society to ask and we shall receive. And we are also told to be grateful for what we have and not ask for too much. So how do we juggle both these ideas which seem to be in conflict. I'm not sure I have the answer. Life seems to be more questions than answers at times and this year has been like that. I've gotten much better at asking better quality questions and I'm pretty good at asking for what I want. Today for example I'm in Perth again and have asked for a different room in the hotel I normally stay in. It's a big thing for me to do that. In the past I would have stayed in a room I wasn't happy with because I didn't want to put anyone out. Now I value me enough to say 'this isn't what I asked for when I booked'.
I have noticed though that when I set goals and ask for what I want that I often get so excited when I get it that I haven't necessarily thought about what comes next. So make sure that when you set goals that when you get close or something shows up in your life that looks like a goal or desire that you have had that you reset the goal. What do you want to receive next? I'm sure we all know people who have a goal, they get it and then they feel let down or fall into some sort of depression once they achieve it. This happens most commonly with weddings, university degrees and exams and with other big events in life such as major holidays or building a house. We can get so focused on achieving the goal that when it is done we don't have other future things to go for.
So yes absolutely ask for what you want, and then ask for what you want next. Maintain that excitment and personal growth that you get from setting and getting goals.and yes have a sense of gratitude for everything, see the gifts in it all and believe that there are many more to come.
Have a great week.
Til next time
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