How to control your social media so it doesn't control you. 
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Social Media etiquette?

How to control your media presence?

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social media - twitter, facebook, google +, Youtube.

It can all be so confusing. 

  • There is a generation of young people now who have been born in the digital age. They have never known a world without it..And yet both this generation and the previous ones don't seem to know how to manage their online presence. 
    A colleague of mine has a business that educates small businesses about how to use their technology to improve their business. Her business is Office and Training on the Go
      I recently helped out at one of their events and we spoke about online security and etiquette. I think we were both somewhat amazed at the lack of knowledge about how to promote yourself in a virtual world without leaving yourself wide open for the unscrupulous few who will use your online presence to glean information about you, your family and your friends. So this newsletter is dedicated to helping your be a little more secure online.  We will only cover facebook in this newsletter and we are really just touching the surface here. 
  • Lock down your friends list. If your privacy settings have not been changed, (the facebook default is set to either friends of friends or everyone) it means that many people can see who your friends are. This means that people can troll through your friends list and if they don't have their settings on private can get information such as full name, date of birth, see photos, workplace and posts. 
  • Dont tell your every move. - Some people will post things on their facebook about upcoming holidays etc. If you live alone or are part of a couple and you are both going, don't tell everyone you are going to be away. 
  • Don't make events public - particularly in Perth there have been a number of parties that have been 'gate-crashed' by people who found the event online or had been invited by friends rather than the party host. 
  • Limit who can see your posts - when you do a status update facebook gives you the option to limit who sees the post. Make sure it is set to friends unless you want to the whole world to see it. 
There is a lot to consider in the online world. Many employers will now Google a prospective employee before they ever call them for an interview. Google yourself weekly to see what comes up. With identity theft online becoming a bigger problem make sure you know what they will find. Have a look at all the settings in facebook and other online sites you are a part of to see what is being made public and change them. If you need more help attend a workshop or get some private IT coaching from someone who knows their way around social media. If you don't already have a IT coach, you can contact Ming at Office & Training On The Go by clicking the link below. 

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Just because something is publicly accessible does not mean that people want it to be publicized. -

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