Attraction and distraction
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Attraction and distraction.

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You might have heard of the 'law of attraction' or 'the secret'. Its not really a secret. You attract the things that you focus on into your life. At any one time it is estimated that about 2 billion bits of information are heading towards you. These things come to us through our five senses. Because we can only hold a limited number of things in our conscious memory we tend to filter out most things. Things that are not important are filtered out and basically ignored. We pay attention to things that have meaning for us at any one time. For example, you might buy a new car and suddenly see them everywhere. This is a normal phenomenon. Or you may hear about something and suddenly everyone is talking about it. It may be that they were talking about it before or there were just as many of that type of car, you just screened t out as unimportant. 

Basically you can attract more of the good stuff in to your life by focusing your attention on the good stuff. You will see there are good things everywhere. And you can shift your focus by distracting yourself. If every time you notice good things you have an internal soundtrack that tells you that nothing good ever happens, your subconscious will do everything it can to make that true. Often we can trick ourselves out of being happy by telling ourselves things like 'it won't last' or 'it's too good to be true' or some other thing. We might look for signs that things are not great and will focus on what is wrong in the world. The same applies when things are not going so well. We can choose to focus on what is wrong and will always be able to find things that back up our ideas. 

With so much information constantly coming our way, let's distract ourselves from negative people, ideas, situations and thoughts and replace that by focusing on what is good, healthy, happy and wonderful in the world. There is enough that once we know, we can choose to shift our focus, attract the good stuff, distract ourselves from the bad stuff and take ownership of how we feel at any given moment. In NLP we refer to this as state management. 

Why not give it a go this week. Optimists are really only people who have a clearly defined focus on the great stuff. 

have a great week.

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