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This week, we are discussing:

De-cluttering helps?

How to find motivation. 

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Many years ago I read a book about decluttering. It was called 'Clear your clutter with Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston. That book was great for me because it was structured in a way that I could follow. I have a million ideas in my head all the time and sorting them into an organised and workable framework has often been a challenge for me. Needless to say that over the years I have started many things and not finished them. I think this particular book helped because it spoke about beauty and order and unlocking potential. It's great sometimes to read things but was really sealed it for me was the results when I started to declutter. And it continues even now. Yesterday I gave away 4 bags of old textbooks from my uni days. It feels good to have more room and not to look at or keep things that I don't use now. The lady who received them was very grateful and has formed a study group and intends to loan them to others. This is a great outcome for everyone. How much do you still have around you that you don't use, need or absolutely love? 

So how does decluttering help? Well sometimes those ideas I have seem jumbled. I find that if I can just sort out one small thing in my world, then I find the motivation to do others. If I just sit though, and plan and think, then not much gets done. It is not the idea of decluttering or organising that unlocks potential. It is the act of doing that gives your brain time to work out the more intellectual stuff. The sense of accomplishment from organising one part of your world has a ripple effect on the rest of it. Then of course there is the law of physics. The universe will fill a vacuum with matter of some kind. So if you want to make room in your life for more to come in then you have to clear some things out. If you are wanting to create more peace in your world, then make the space for it to flow around. If you have ever been in a very cluttered environment, it does not feel calm, peaceful and serene. Dust also adds to the feeling of stagnation. 

Do you declutter in stages. You might spend a couple of hours going through your wardrobe. Throw out, sell or give away anything you haven't used for more than a year. If you have had it there throughout the seasons and not used it, chances are you won't. Make way for some new, more 'you' things to come your way. It might be you start with the pantry or linen cupboard. Wherever you start, you will find that all those thoughts that seem jumbled seem to align and organise themselves while you are not looking. 

Give it a go. Let me know how you go. I'd love to hear your stories. 

have a great week.

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