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Toxic, angry people. 

An opportunity for you. 

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This morning this was on my Facebook news feed when I woke up. I'm sure we have all met one, know one or live with one, a person who is just angry. And this is a great reminder to let them sit in their own anger. There anger is at themselves and not at you. That you happen to be close by can mean you will be the scapegoat because it is tough to admit that you are angry at yourself.

Most angry people lash out at others. They do what that can to make themselves feel better and many people lack the skills to lift themselves up so they try to make themselves feel better by taking others down. Don't let them. Play music that you love, do things you enjoy, chat and hang out with people who love you. Those who are angry can't affect you unless you let them. 

If you happen to live under the same roof, find a way to be at peace yourself. Chances are that initially they might even be more angry if you don't engage in arguments with them. Eventually though, they won't be able to handle being around someone who is mostly happy and they will move on. 

And if it is you who is the angry one, you need to work that stuff out!! Anger is often fear in disguise. So work out what you are afraid of and tackle that. Do the work. Let go of the need to control and be peaceful. Be loving. Be kind to you. And don't let them dim your light.  Radiate all the joy you have available to you, and when you look there is plenty to feel joy about. 

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