Birth Families, Earth families and other people we meet.
This week, we are discussing:

Birth families, earth families and others.

This week we will explore family relations. Who are they and what does it mean?

Birth families

Family of Origin: Blood is thicker than water: We have have heard this saying often or you may never heard it at all. In Australian anglo-saxon culture it is common to hear this as a reason to stay connected to those you share biological lines with. But as we grow up we tend to spend more time with friends and sometimes even work colleagues than with family. Does this weaken the bond? Or perhaps you, like myself, did not have the opportunity to grow up with your parents and siblings, but instead were raised by other family members. The lines of blood connection can become blurred when our childhood is disrupted, if not by physical distance then by emotional distance or by abuse that causes a child to disassociate from their birth family. Birth families often expect us to play a role and we revert to our role when in their company.

Earth Families

Family of choice: I like to think of earth families as those heroes we have in our lives who may not be related by blood. They don't have to do anything extraordinary to be our heroes. Being there when we need them and being a calm and constant energy is often enough. How many of you have friends that you feel so close to that you could be siblings with them? Or you may have a mother of father 'figure' who loves you, guides you and is a great example of kindness and compassion. We often know more about our friends as we get older. We may spend more time with them and be more interested in what they are doing. There is often less rivalry for parents attention and less competition and jealousy between friends. These are the people I refer to as 'Earth Family'.  These are often the people who allow us to be grown-ups or to act like children.  These are, for many people, the ones you call in a crisis.

The others that I refer to are those people you meet through work, through business and through other friends that you know by name, but you don't necessarily spend much time together. We deal with them for work, for business, when shopping, travelling or we might meet them when studying. They may be interesting and we may spend some times together but not for long. It may be the girl at the checkout in the supermarket or the hairdresser you visit every few weeks. Others are like connecting points and we often meet close friends through others. 

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Thought for the week

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread: Mother Theresa.

My wish for you is that you love and appreciate yourself, your birth family, earth family and others. All have contributed to you being here and for that we are truly grateful. xo
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