Do we always need to overcome stress? What if we can make it work for us?
This week, we are discussing:

How do we overcome stress?

And what if we could make it work for us?

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How often do you hear or get told 'don't stress!' It seems to be a pretty regular part of the modern vocabulary. But is all stress bad? And what if we need to have a little stress in our lives to be productive. I found when I was at uni that having a deadline created a certain amount of stress. I prefer to work in a 'flow' like state. Work when I am inspired and do other things when I am not. However, the stress caused by a deadline actually worksin my favour. I find that I tend to draw an outline of projects that I am working on. Then I ponder on those topics, research them by reading, sourcing videos and writing and when the deadline looms I put it all together and have a finished project. 

On the other hand I have at least five or six unfinished projects in my computer that I wanted to develop into finished products or projects. Because these are my own projects and have no deadline, I haven't finished them, even though most could be finished with just a few hours of work. How many unfinished projects do you have in your world? 

What about other stresses in your world? Do you feel pressure from others, maybe parents or partner, to decide on a course of action about something? It could be career, new home, having a baby, anything at all. Sometimes we are told we must make a decision about something and that pressure can cause us stress. Do you feel pressure from the workplace to deliver a certain result, hit a target or win an account? 

Stress comes from lots of areas in our life and we can choose to let it make us feel vulnerable and lost or we can accept what we can change and what we cannot. 

Here are 4 tips for identifying good stress and coping with stress in general. 

  • Take responsibility for you and leave others to their own decisions. - Sometimes we stress about others. We 'just know' that if they would - change, jobs, find their passion, get fit, lose weight, (insert anything esle...) they would be happier. That is not your problem. You can only work on you. And you can love and encourage others to do things that will be good for them but at the end of the day their life is theirs. If they don't want to make those changes, that is their decision. They will be getting some sort of benefit from staying where they are right now. Leave it be. 
  • Use stress wisely - Some stress is good. When you work out, muscles become bigger because they are stretched and put under pressure. It is the rebuilding that makes them bigger. The same applies in life. Some stress will help you find out what you are capable of that you never knew. You might not have known that you could achieve more in a shorter time if there were no deadlines. You might not know that you are more resilient than you thought if you never had any problems to solve. 
  • Accept what you can change - and what you cannot. You can change your mind about things. What you wanted 6 months ago might be different to what you want today. It is ok to change your mind. And don't spend time worrying about what you cannot change. We can spend a lot of energy worrying about things that might never happen and even if they did we would have to take action on. Develop a plan for you your worst case scenarios and then let them go. 
  • Set deadlines for unfinished projects - Either set a deadline to finish a project or get someone else to do it. It might be some renovations around the home, a fitness goal or a potential new income stream. The minute you write down when you are going to complete it by and take one small step you will feel more in control.
Learn to look at stress and determine whether it is good stress or bad stress. Good stress helps you to be more productive and achiever goals. Bad stress generally makes you feel worse and takes you away from your goals. Feel free to message me if you want come along to a future workshop on stress management.

have a great week.

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In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.

Lee Iacocca 

There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether to let it affect you or not.

Valerie Bertinelli 
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