It's our birthday but you get the gifts. Share the love. 
This week, we are discussing:

Share the love.

It's our birthday, but you get the gifts. 

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What a busy week it has been. It is my birthday on Wednesday. I think birthdays are so special one day is not enough. Celebrations should last at least a week! So the week has started off well. Sunday lunch with the family, movie première last night, presentation tonight (if you are in Perth, come along, it's FREE), and lots of other catch-ups planned for during the week. 

May is birthday month and this week is our birthday week. So, we wanted to share the love. This newsletter is a little different to others in that we are giving things away. So be sure to like us on Facebook to be in the running for great prizes all week. Friends of Inner Rhythm have also kindly donated gifts to our celebration week. So here are just a couple. 

  • Coaching sessions - 3 lucky people WIN A FREE coaching session. (value $125 each). Just tell us why you want one. It may be because you are curious about coaching, you have a pressing issue you want to talk out or you want to win one to give to a friend. Comment on our facebook page or email us direct at

  • Mini Posters - beautiful mini posters from our friends at Kaleido Books, City station platform, Perth. We can post these to anywhere in Australia. To win, tell us what quote inspires you most and why.    Comment on our facebook page or email us direct at                                  
  • Business coaching call- a one hour phone consultation with Anthea Moffatt from Business Fusion. Anthea has a great deal of experience in business and as another 'May baby' has kindly donated this gift. If you are a business owner, an hour on the phone with her will help you get clarity on what may be blocking you.  (value $365). Comment on our facebook page or email us direct at

Please go and like these businesses if you are on Facebook or look for them online, For those who live in Perth  kaleido are great. They are on the train platform up the top and can order books for you if you ask. I love that they are independent and not part of a big chain. 

And for those in business, check out how Anthea might be able to help you in your business.

Finally this week I wanted to say when you think about gratitude, do it from a place of looking at your own life, not comparing it to others. A sense of gratitude that comes from comparing your life to others is a false ideal. Yes, it might be true there is always someone worse off. but comparing your life may cause them to view their life the same way that you do. As something less than perfect. 

have a great week.

Til next time



The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey 

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How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

Satchel Paige 
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