What makes the difference between a breakthrough and a breakdown?
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Breakthrough or breakdown?

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Is you b.s stopping you from having a breakthrough?

Your B.S is your belief system. We all have beliefs about things. Sometimes that belief helps propel us forward easily through life and sometimes it holds us back. Let's look at a couple of examples. 

One of your beliefs may be that 'Money is hard to come by'. 
If you believe this do you think that you will struggle with making or creating money and if you do how secure will you feel that you can hold on to it?

Another belief might be that - 'We slow down as we get older and can't do as much.'

Will someone please tell that to Stu Mittleman, who at age 50 ran 3000 miles in 55 days. You can read more about stu  here.

Beliefs have kept us safe. They provide certainty in our lives. They always serve a purpose. But lets make it a habit to check in regularly to see if they are still serving us or if we can now replace them with new ones. 

In life, keep the ones that work and work on eliminating the ones that don't. You must replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs as physics tells us there can never be a void, one thing is always replaced by another. If you can't do this on your own talk it through with a friend or work with a coach. 

If you find you have some beliefs that are holding your back or maybe they hold your team back if you are an employer, work with a coach to replace them. A coach can help you identify limiting beliefs and work with you to find new empowering ones. Even if you belief is that a situation cannot change. Whatever you believer there are people who believe something else and who prove it every day. 

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