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This week, we are discussing:

How flexible are you?

Bent or broken by the winds of change?

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This morning I am sitting in my office which has a large window. There is a strong easterly breeze blowing and there are lots of trees and shrubs visible from my office. This last week has been full of the winds of change. And like the trees and shrubs I have had to be flexible so that I am not knocked over. Trees are able to bend not because of that lack of winds, but because of them. The winds strengthen the tree when it is young and this helps it to develop a strong root system. In fact, trees that are supported to much when they are young are not as strong and more likely to fall over later.

The other interesting thing about trees and the wind is that you cannot see the wind. You can only see evidence of the wind when it moves the trees. In life also we cannot always see the winds (which could be thought of in human terms as values) until they come up against something that can bend or break. When wind meets tree, tree will either bend  and be flexible and strengthened or break. When something happens in your life, good or bad, that is when your values show up. That is the time when we can often see what drives people. 

NLP and coaching are both processes that can be those winds. I know that you are someone who has not only great strength but also great flexibility. You read this newsletter each week. You, like me, are working on being the best version of yourself. And you know that when the winds come along, you can bend and be flexible without losing the core of who you are. Being flexible means you don't always have to be right. You can choose to just be happy.

It also means that you are making adjustments every day, you are shaping your own tree of life, and while it may bend in one direction, it is also strong and beautiful.



So this week, be flexible, be strong and know that all the winds are shaping you to be unique and beautiful. 

have a great week.

Til next time



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Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.
Bruce Lee 

When the Winds of Change Blow, Some people build Walls -While Others Build Windmills…. 

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