Sometimes we act in ways that are less than gracious, less than our best, and less than kind. And all the time we are being watched. 
This week, we are discussing:

Who's watching you?

And what do they see?

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The may be times when we act less than kind, less than gracious and less than our best. At other times we are kind, we are at our best and good things gravitate to us. When we are at our best, people want to be around us, we attract all the things we want in life and we generally feel amazing. So what happens first? Do we feel amazing and that attracts the good things, or do good things happen and then we feel great. Either way it is a beautiful recurring theme. And in that space where everything appears brighter, shinier and we feel great, people are inspired and happy to be in our company. 

But what happens when are acting in ways that are not so great. When we might indulge in petty nitpicking, we might be unkind, we may be dishonest or we may just be feeling off colour? Chances are that if we are acting in these ways our days won't be so great and people won't want to be around us as much. This is an important concept to keep in mind if you are in business, in a family, in a social setting or really just if you are alive and ever spend time with others. You are being watched. And how you are will affect what you attract. If you are in a relationship and you are always grumpy, unkind, or nagging, chances are your relationship won't be great. If you are in business and you are always looking for how you can make more money, get more people on your mailing list or if every interaction becomes a 'what's in it for me' meeting, chances are that your business will shrink rather than grow. 

So many people, those you know, those you want to know and those you don't, are watching you. If you are open, kind and honest, chances are your life and relationships will reflect that. If you feel ripped off, annoyed, grumpy or sad all the time, your life will reflect that. Your life is a moving picture, a movie of your world, that is constantly being viewed. What does your movie look like. 

Thats it for this week, really just a train of thought. I would love hear your thoughts. You can join the conversation on Facebook.


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