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Happy Independence Day!

Greetings dear Friends! It's another new month. Our September Newsletter comes as we commemorate the fifty fourth year of Nigeria's Independence. We celebrate this achievement with euphoria on yet another milestone as a nation and are grateful to all our friends who have chosen to support our quest of a fairer society for all.  We invite everyone to come on board as we intensify our efforts to BUILD THE NIGERIAN FUTURE - ONE CHILD AT A TIME.    

In September, we had two new additions to our team, an Online Fundraiser and a Support Worker, as we are commencing with our new Initiative, Disadvantage to Advantage.  We also reached out to other NGOs working with disadvantage children, and related with Beyond The Classroom Initiative, Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative and LOTS Charity Foundation in the month.  Simran Daryanani, a marketing consultant, came on board to share some of her experience as we learn to do things better!     

Indeed, our PRESENT is as a result of the PAST collective decisions, but TODAY is another opportunity to re-write a much desired FUTURE.  There's so much work to be done, but just because we can't help everyone doesn't mean we should help no one.  Fair Life Africa Foundation is PROUD to be an avenue in enriching the lives of the most impoverished in society.  Let's do this awesome work together!  From all of us, do have a wonderful month.  Cheers! 

Happy Independence Nigeria!
(Happy Independence Nigeria!)

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A noble company of life changers

Building the Nigerian Future, One Child at a time

Do you know that a child’s socioeconomic status can affects his/her school performance..?

(One child at a time)

In our experience, we have seen that a low socioeconomic status negatively affects a child’s development.  Psychologically, a child may lose their self-esteem and optimism and turn to addictions, aggression and exhibit significant behavioural difficulties.  READ MORE...


A Trip To Dustbin Estate

"Like Seriously?!! Do people really live here?" These were but a few questions we kept asking ourselves during our recent outreach.  "Welcome to Dustbin Estate in the heart of Ajegunle, Lagos!" 

A disadvantaged reality
(A disadvantaged reality)

Ifeoma Keke and Wale Adetona, our Social Worker and Support Worker, went to assess the children at Dustbin Estate, so that we could confirm those we will be able to assist.  Ms Sangosanya of LOTS Charity Foundation had sent us referrals of ten bright children, who are disadvantaged in that community.  We were surprised at the resilience of some, who despite living on a dump site hadn't been ill for years, while others were frequently ill with malaria and other ailments.  READ MORE...

Support A Less Privileged School Child

Raquel from Beyond the Classroom Initiative visits.
(Going beyond the Classroom)

Our friends at Beyond The Classroom Initiative approached us to assist them as they gathered supplies and funds for 650 pupils of Ladi Lak Primary School at Bariga, Lagos.  We didn't have the funds to give, but of the small supplies we still had from donations of school books, school bags and maths sets given to us by MTN Foundation, we gave what we could spare.  Raquel Jacobs, who came to pick up the things on behalf of Beyond The Classroom, was very appreciative.

Learning To Be Better

As part of our resolve to improve our skills and be better at work,  the FLA Team has been undergoing some training with Simran Daryanani Keswani, our new friend with a vast knowledge of experience with NGOs both in her native country India and The United Kingdom, where she worked with GlobalGiving.

Learning to be better
(Lecture sessions in progress)

We believe in learning everyday and the trainings on Digital Marketing and Project Management have been impactful as we appraise our current ways of doing things.  These trainings have also helped in fortifying our team spirit which is the bedrock of every aspiring organisation. We would happily welcome anyone who can volunteer to train our staff and the children coming on board our Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative on various life and work skills.

With Simran Daryanani
(Simran and The FLA Team)


Third Time Lucky?

Andrew, Peter and Mark were among the set of boys reconciled in July last year. Peter had scaled the hurdle of WAEC EXAMS on his second attempt while Andrew and Mark only passed two papers each.  Through this platform, we had kept our friends updated on the progress of these boys among others.

We were encouraged to hear from one of our past volunteers and friend of the organisation, who enquired about their wellbeing and pledged her support.  Though disappointed about their last result, she is still hopeful, as are we, that given another chance, they can cross the finish line.  Considering the level of education in this country, and how many times the average child has sat these same papers, we are not discouraged to give these boys ONE MORE CHANCE!

One Child at a time.
(Mock papers to conquer the SSCE barrier)

However, before committing down this path, the boys were given a mock examination of five papers, prepared by our Staff from past SSCE papers.  They will also be supported with more mock tests and extra private lessons, to ensure that this final investment makes the difference.  

All the other reconciled boys from our first initiative are doing well, as we still follow up with them regularly.  We are glad on the progress made so far.  Your support and contribution means a whole lot to us in achieving the task of a fairer society for all.  We look forward to keeping you abreast on what we are doing in our subsequent newsletters.  HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY from all of us!

September Newsletter 2014
Volume 11 Issue 42

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Fair Life Africa Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria.  We operate through the establishment of social initiatives which alleviate oppression by 'empowering people for a fairer life...'  Read More...


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