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30TH SEPTEMBER 2012                 SEPTEMBER EDITION (VOL 5, ISSUE 19)

Editor's Welcome...

It is my pleasure to write to you again and let you all know what is happening at Fair Life Africa Foundation.  It has truly been a remarkable month.  We visited all our boys from the pilot programme, as we said we would.  It was so great to see them, and they were really excited to see us too.  We also received two sets of groups at the Home during the month, who came to share the love.  First, Yemi and her friends came with a gardener to help us tend to our garden on the 8th of September, then Tosin Jegede Foundation made their debut visit to the Home to read and spend time with the boys on the 13th.  You can read all about these visits and much more on our newly published blog -!  It is the new point of contact for devoted readers and followers.  We will be updating it regularly with news from the Home and Field and announcements for upcoming events.  Please follow the blog.

We have also resumed our monthly birthday parties!  We received three visitors yesterday, and had a fantastic time with the kids.  The resident boys each received their MTN donated school bags packed with school supplies for the new term.  You can see them jump with glee!  You should have heard their screams.  Also, in light of the official blog, we have re-designed our newsletter so that we have more pictures and less writing.  We are also premiering our new section 'Celebrating With Friends' by celebrating this month with our Patrons - Olorogun O'tega Emerhor and his wife, Chief Mrs Rita Emerhor, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this month!  You can read up on every detail by clicking on the link.  We very much appreciate your comments in the blog and encourage you to share with your friends too.  You can also share your thoughts directly here.  Please join us on Facebook or at the Home during our monthly celebrations, and let us honour you too.  Thank you for all your support.  On the eve of our Independence Day, Fair Life Africa Foundation wishes every Nigerian a Happy Independence Day!

Packed and excited to go to school

The Selection Process

The question we are most often asked is - why only boys?  For those among our readers wondering, the answer is three-fold.  First of all, boys are more visible on the streets than girls.  In fact, girls are rare to come by.  A couple of reasons for that is because they are most often involved in human trafficking and prostitution, so that they make up a hidden population on the streets.  This leads us to the second reason we work with just boys presently.  Girls on the streets need more assertive and intensive interventions than boys.  They may be dealing with addictions that have been forced on them by their exploiters, they may be highly disillusioned and afraid, or may have resigned themselves to prostitution.  More capacity is required to support girls, which we do not yet have in place. The third reason is very simple.  Due to the diverse experiences of girls and boys on the streets, and also because they are prone to delinqunecy and immoral practices which they picked up from the streets, mixing them up in a residential facility will be huge misjudgment.  Boys tend to me more aggressive and violent, and it would be hard to minimise the risks of abuse in such settings.  If you are still curious, please send us an email at, and we will be sure explain further.

At this moment, we have eight boys who are resident with us, a ninth boy who we'll be receiving soon, following a successful home tracing excursion, and six boys we are assessing to determine their suitability and willingness to be supported through the programme.  Based on our experiences with the previous boys, we have adapted the assessment process such that boys are assessed over a longer period of time, as they visit the Home.  Our criteria includes their ability to communicate with us by telling us why they are on the streets, their general temperament and obedience to our rules, and also interest in reconciliation and either going to school or learning a trade.  We also carry our medical tests on each of the children, and home tracing to locate their guardians, before they are taken into the Home.  This is primarily because the programme currently running is for short-term intervention towards reconciliation.  However, once successfully reconciled, the boys and their families will be supported to re-integrate (the support given varies from family to family), and they will be followed up there after.  Tom Smith, who we took home last October has been home for 12 months now, and this was celebrated with a visit, and a long awaited present - a mobile phone; as well as provisions for his grandmother's shop.  He and is family continue to do well, and we will continue to follow up on him, as with the boys of the pilot programme.  All the boys were invited to come and celebrate Christmas at the Home, so we are looking forward to that too!

A really wonderful day

So happy to be at home

Fix My Garden

On the 8th of September, Yemi Adedeji, Aima and Emi Ohiwerei, Victor Aboh and Olutayo Adeyinka visited the Home of Fair Life Africa on a special mission - to revamp its garden!  They came armed with a gardener, some tools and lots of cheerfulness!  The potentially burdensome task was turned into a thing of play, as the children joined along to help them pull up the weeds, trim the bushes and plant some new baby plants in the place of some old dying ones...  Read more

Posing with his gifts

1Child 1Book

On the 13th of September, 2012, Fair Life Africa received a warm visit from our friends at Tosin Jegede Foundation (TJF).  TJF is a young non-profit organisation that specialises in education.  It initiated the 1Child1Book programme, which strives to place a book in the hands of every Nigerian child.  Its founder, Tosin Jegede, is also well known as a child star.  She used to entertain crowds with inspirational music at a very young age.  Her focus, which was to make society a better place for children, hasn't changed, but her method has developed..  Read more

Present for Tom, who has been home for one year!

Many More Years...

On the 22nd of September, 2012, Olorogun O'tega Emerhor and his wife, Chief (Mrs) Rita Emerhor celebrated 25 years of marriage, and re-vowed to love one another faithfully.  The Emerhors are the patrons to Fair Life Africa Foundation, with Olorogun sitting as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  A celebrated business man and chief, he sits on the boards of several other companies, heading also Standard Alliance Group...  Read more

We took gifts to all the boys from the pilot programme

Can You Lend A Hand?

We are looking for more partners to collaborate with, and ask you to join us as we seek to mitigate the risks against street children, by offering them care and continuity, despite the challenges!  We appreciate all your support so far, and can’t do this work without your help. 

Please Donate to Fair Life Africa Foundation
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You can donate via Mobile Money to +2348058711125 or via our Global Giving Project Page at

Your donations (cash, kind or skills) are much needed.  Please tell your friends, family and colleagues!  We remain committed to being an open and accountable organization.  If you have any question about our work or how you can become involved, please send an email to or give us a call on (+234) 8058711125 / 8095821990.  We would love to hear from you!

Thanks to all our guests!
God sent us helpers...

To whom honour is due...

Fair Life Africa would also like to appreciate these supporters:
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Please forgive any omission.  We endeavour to remember and appreciate all our friends.  Thank you for making our work possible with your support and encouragement!
Visiting one of our boys at his mechanic shop

Beyond Reconciliation...

Many people wonder, what happens after they go back home?  Is your job finished?  We laugh and say - far from it!  At best, we are half way there.  The rehabilitation and reconciliation is hard, but harder still is the re-integration, supporting families to stay together through encouragement, counsel, intervention and provision.  Sometimes, the issue requires police/government intervention or referal to other non-profits working in a capacity that we are not yet set up to.  Generally though, we have found that the basic needs of the family can be met if time is given to needs assessment, and counselling of the parents and/or guardians.  Take the case of Charles, who lives with his father, step mother and siblings.  They family live in a two room accommodation, which is accessible to major transport links and the step mother's food shop.  The family has been reliant on his step-mother's trade.  Unfortunately, she reported that she had spent the last of the money repairing her shop after it was accidentally damaged, and had nothing left to buy the necessary provisions to keep the business going.  After a trip to the shop, we saw that we could help the family, and helped them with small funds to kick start the business again.

Family shop in need of renovation
Anthony is another child we supported home, whose father was supported to get an accommodation close to his work place, which was particularly crucial.  Anthony is so happy to be back home, and was being visited by his brother when we came to mark his two months at home.  We have paid for his school fees at a private school near his home, and he has resumed already.  Jason, is another child who is home and doing well.  His family have not had need for accommodation, because they own their own home.  But the father's business needs a boost, so that he can afford to return home daily and support his wife to attend to their seven children!  Jason is also going to a private school locally, paid by Fair Life Africa, and his father is receiving our support to renovate his shop and improve his business, so that the family can become self-sufficient.  They have also been counselled to seek family planning to guard against baring more children than they can care for.  The fourth child, Eddy, we returned home from the first set, has shown more commitment to learning the mechanic trade than going to school.  When we visited, we found him working hard at his shop with the other trainees.  He also is happy to be back home.  His concern is for his mother to become settled, so that he can move in with her.  Meanwhile, he is staying with his grandparents and developing his skills as a mechanic.  We supplied him with his tools as promised and a photo album to capture his moments in the Home (as we did with the others).

Preparing them with resources from schhool

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