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Happy Equinox

Today, Sep 22 is the Equinox, one of the four most important astrological days in the year and considering the fact that astrology gave birth to almost all religious holidays, you can confidently say today is a super holiday. 

The astrological signs are based on the changes in the proportion between light and dark. In many ways, the zodiac wheel functions similarly to the Daoist symbol of yin/yang, just replace yin with night and yang with day, and there you have the 12 signs. The first day of the astrological year is the 21st of March, the Spring Equinox when the day and night are equal but light begins to grow tilting the scales towards the masculine or yang. Today, on the 22nd of Sep, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are once again at a balance point between light and dark yet the nights from tomorrow start growing moving the balance in favor of the feminine or yin. For this reason, the Fall Equinox marks the first day of Libra, the sign of balance, justice, and relationship. It is also the sign of art, music, and design. Libra, like the art it is associated with serves as a mirror for humanity, helping us see ourselves through the metaphors of creativity.

I decided to send you a note on Equinox for two reasons. First, the Equinox is an important day that should be remembered and addressed with a bit of attention as it has been all over the world for thousands of years. If you seek a partnership in work of in love, if you want balance in your life, if you need peace, tranquility, a new art project, or a collaboration; if you feel you need more justice, fairness, reciprocity and fairness, today is a great day to meditate and visualize what you would like to summon into your life. The equinox is considered to be a day that magnifies and manifests, so make sure you are putting it out there today or tomorrow in your meditations or with your intentions. The second reason is that I wanted to use this day of partnership and art to share with you a small project that I am involved in. My nephew Alon (means Oak in Hebrew) who is 20 years old, while great in sports, one of the funniest people I know and truly a beacon of compassion, was never much of a student. He chose to be born to a studious family (both his siblings are in medical school and his parents both hold a PhD). I remember my sister sitting with Alon for hours trying to make his see the logic in math which he kept dropping the pencil to the floor so he could get a moment break and pick it up. Everyone in the family was worried how is he is going to graduate high-school. Well, with a lot of help from his parents and people who love him (he is lucky to be so charming and fun to be with) he made it through high-school and then he discovered music production and DJing. Suddenly his issues with concentration and challenges in studying disappeared, and he found himself diving into electronic music programs, sitting for hours on end without dropping pencils. Just goes to show when we find our passions, any disability loses its dis and becomes an ability... 

A week ago, Alon shared a 3:20 min dance music piece he wrote and I told him I can write some lyrics, find a melody, and sing on top if he would like. I love singing and don't get to do it much. He was thrilled and sent me the files. I wanted the lyrics to be related to the dancefloor, a place, alas, even as a young man I seldom visited. But then I had an insight. Since the beginning of the pandemic I started writing a young adult novel which incorporates Kabbalah and symbolism (its about 500 pages long so takes time to edit) but the two main characters are siblings that can see sounds, smell colors and taste music. I thought I was just being original until my niece (Alon's sister) who is one of my best friends, while reading the book as I write it, texted me "You know, your characters have synesthesia," I said "What?" and she answered, "yes, I have the same thing." I googled it and apparently around 4% of humanity have synesthesia, which is the mixing of the senses. Synth from Ancient Greek means "synchronized" or "together," and ethesia, from "perception." 

I thought to myself, that would be a great theme for the song, two people meeting on the dancefloor, realizing as they dance together that they both have synesthesia. And like a true Libra situation, I need you guys to partner up with Alon and I. He posted the song on a site that is monitored by music producers and if there enough likes, then there is a chance that Alon can be noticed for his work. Below are the lyrics, and the link, please, if you like it, post a comment and a like so the song can climb up the mountain of sounds. It is easy, when you click on the link it will ask you to open an account via facebook. I figured it is a good song for equinox, the balancing of the senses. If you know anyone who can help Alon promote the song and feel it is worthy, shoot me an email. 

Thanks again for being in my life and giving me the platform to share ideas, thoughts, poems, musings and now...songs.

Link to song:


I hold your hand
And I feel you pulse
against mine
beating syncopated...

We squeeze our bodies
synching our inhalations
Lips pressed together
I feel light as a feather
the words we speak
become a symphony of colors
we dance so well
as the music swells
letters to colors, Synesthesia!

Your touch tastes sweet
and this does not contradict
Sends shivers up my spine
flavored colored like red wine

the words we speak
becomes a symphony of colors
I never thought I'll meet
a fellow Synesthesian....

What we feel
if what we will!

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Thanks again and happy Equinox!!!

The Astrology of 2020 - The Leap of Faith
by Gahl Sasson

The book is also available:

Turkey: Butik
Bulgaria: Kibea

Book review:

"Gahl Sasson take the complicated task of living well and gives it grace, intelligence and purpose. You will be engaged and prepared for the year ahead and enchanted by the masterful storytelling of Gahl Sasson. For those who live by the planets, this book is full of detailed navigation and powerful advice. For those who just want to know how to do their best, this reads like a book of mythology with grounded, practical advice.”

         Laura Day, bestselling author of The Circle and Practical Intuition. 

Excerpts from Gahl's book: The Astrology of 2020 – The Leap of Birthing your Inner-Self.

For decades, astrologers and stargazers around the world looked forward as well as dreaded the arrival of the year 2020. While some prophesized disaster (coming from Greek: dis-aster, against the stars), others identified the year as the dawning of a new era. I tend to follow the advice of the Lord Buddha, a sensible Taurus with moon in Scorpio, who emphasized the importance of walking the middle path: 2020 is a dreadful year that can potentially set humanity into a new eon. Another counsel to heed comes from the Sufis, who suggested that, fearing thieves at night, one should trust in Allah, but tie the camels first. We should trust the stars, but we should also prepare for the stories they will luster upon us.
What music do the spheres wish to play for us in the year ahead? What synchronized stories do the constellations wish us to enact? What can we expect from a year whose numerology, 4 and 22, suggests both bereavement and mastery over the mysteries of life? What can we make of the fact that we have six eclipses instead of the usual four and that one of them falls right on the Summer Solstice and another smack on the birthday of the USA?
What does it mean to have a “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn right on the Winter Solstice, which for the first time since early 1800s, has shifted from earth signs to air signs? What does it mean that Mercury retrogrades while Venus and Mars also appear to orbit backward? And, most importantly, what should we do about that rare conjunction of Saturn (Lord Karma) and Pluto (Lord of Death)? What is 2020 planning for us considering that the last few times this conjunction took place, the AIDS epidemic broke out, the Cold War started, and World War I begun?
But don’t worry. I am a middle path guy, remember? I just gave you the overture of the celestial symphony called Opus 2020. So please don’t toss the book away or lose hope. I truly believe that in 2020 we can open a new doc on our cosmic operating system and explore the next chapter in our ever-evolutionary history as Homo sapiens. The 2020 triple conjunction: Pluto with Saturn, Saturn with Jupiter, and Pluto with Jupiter, promises a new beginning, a way to break old patterns. The word “patterns” comes from Old French, “something serving as a model,” hence patron, or boss. I guess the old French thought a boss should serve as a good model. This year, we can free ourselves from old patrons, breaking the shackles of the patriarchal “strong man” paradigm, whether these so-called “strong men” are inside of us or manifest collectively outside.
In Chinese Astrology, 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat, the first of the animal wheel, the initiator of a new cycle. In addition, Jupiter and Saturn’s grand alignment right on the Winter Solstice, the ancient birthday of the gods of light, takes place in Aquarius, the sign of altruism, humanity, and hope.

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2020 is an intense year that is filled with challenges and new beginnings which rise out of the ashes of the old. You will experience a great deal of change and transition in your career; at times, it will feel like the world is your oyster and other times you will feel like the world has abandoned you. However, the second part of the year brings a great deal of action and movement. Along with your ruler, Mars, you will be able to wake up and claim your place in the world.
The year 2020 continues and deepens your focus on your career, community leadership, as well as your mission in life. Most of the conjunctions (new beginnings) take place in your house of career and professional life — being the Ram, these are super important to you. Since the end of 2017, you have been feeling the pressure to change, make adjustments, and prove yourself to your superiors or colleagues. In addition, in the last two years, you were asked to deal with a demanding boss or experience challenges or focus on father figures. This trend continues in 2020, however, since Saturn temporarily shifts into your house of community and friends (end of March until beginning of July). While experiencing some relief in your career, your focus and challenges turn to your company, friends, governments, and corporations. These few months will give you a glimpse of what lessons Saturn will teach you in 2021-2023. In addition, the end of March until the beginning of July will give you an opportunity to see who you can consider your true friends. Make sure you pay taxes, apply for all the permits you need from the city or government, and play it cool with the authorities.
January of 2020 can be a bit rough, especially if you are born at the end of Aries (April 10 – 19). These challenges would mainly be felt in your career or with your bosses. If you are self-employed, it could manifest as hardships with employees or just being a bad boss to yourself. The powerful conjunction of Saturn / Pluto / Jupiter can manifest as a dramatic call to action, a need to change direction in life, or perhaps as a call to embark on a new adventure or a new conquest.
The good news is that you also have Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, transiting in your house of career. This is a new aspect; you did not have it in 2019. So you can accept new horizons opening in your professional life and recognition of your hard work. Maybe a raise or a promotion or a brilliant idea that can improve your career over time.
This is especially significant, since Uranus, the awakener, is in your house of finance and talent, creating chaos but also new possibilities around innovation, technology, and e-commerce. It is time to think outside of the box and welcome the future to the now. Uranus in the house of finance can be scary, since it is unpredictable and somewhat disruptive, but it can also, like the Fool, help you take a leap of faith into a new sector, profession, or position. Be open. Connect to your pioneering spirit! This year from June 28 to the end of the year, Mars, your planet will be in your sign!



2020 is an intense year that is filled with challenges and new beginnings. There is a fresh new way of looking at life that changes your belief system, philosophy, education, as well as how you manage your life. You have to embrace that change, welcome it, replace the fear of the new with an excitement for that which is to be. The future is bright. Don’t close your eyes.
This year, you continue to dive deeper into your truth and authenticity. Every three decades, Saturn asks you to rewrite your constitution. To redefine and update your creed and philosophy. You are asked by the Lord Karma to decide what you believe in and what you are willing to fight for.
In 2020 your doctrine will be finalized and between March 16 – June 23, Saturn, the karmic teacher, moves into your house of career, taking all that you have learned in the last two years and implementing it in your vocation. From June 23 until mid-December, you will once again have to focus on learning and adjusting your philosophy so that in 2021-2023 you can once again mold your career according to your new outlook on life. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and your job is to be a pillar, a support beam, a retaining wall, an Atlas that carries the weight of the world. But this year you will have to practice flexibility.
Since the end of 2017, Saturn has been transiting in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign. It allows you to maintain your posture and continue on your tracks, but in 2020, as Saturn moves into Aquarius, he will square your sign and cause change and a great need for flexibility and adjustment. To put it in simple words, in 2020 you need to focus on learning, teaching, and traveling for the purpose of preparing for a big change in your career that will start between mid-March until June 23 this year and throughout 2021 and 2022. You can travel back to 1991 and 1992 to learn the origin or roots of what is taking place in your career in 2020-2023. Saturn in the house of career is not only manifesting in your professional life, but it can also bring about synchronicities with father figures, bosses and authority figures. Saturn can also teach you lessons about how you function as a boss or a leader.
The greatest need for flexibility, however, is coming from Uranus. Since May of 2018, but more powerfully from March of 2019, Uranus, the planet of awakening and revolutions, moved into your sign for the first time in 84 years. This transit is very significant to all Tauruses but especially to those born between April 20-30 since Uranus will be conjunct your Sun in 2020.
Uranus in Taurus forces an awakening to all you bull-headed people. You will feel a need to rebel, to change and move. You might feel restless and impatient. It is as if you are a teenager again, wanting to break the old and reinvent the new.


2020 is an intense year that is filled with magical journeys into the Underworld, past lifetimes, and your subconscious. You will deal with a great amount of transformation but also experience a powerful new awakening. During this year you will also be able to harvest the benefits from all the good deeds you have accomplished in the last 19 years.
This year, there is a lot to think about. The most important thing for a Gemini is that after 18-19 years, the North Node, the Dragon, is coming back to you. Dragons are reptiles that fly and since you are an air sign, you will experience a feeling of elevation. You will be able to cash in on good karma that you accumulated in the last two decades. All Geminis, but especially those born between June 11 – 21, will experience the flight of the dragon as the eclipses will pass close to your birthday. When the Dragon passes above your Sun, you become a Dragon. It is a year where you will form groups of like-minded people around you, join new communities, have more fans or followers, and digitally speaking, get more “likes” for your posts and social media activity, which I know is important to you. After all, you are the connector, you are the hub, the junction, the messenger.
Since the North Node is in Gemini for the next 18 months, we are all asked to act, think, and communicate in a Gemini-like fashion. And who better to teach us how
to deliver our messages than you, Gemini. You will notice that, especially from your birthday for the next 18 months, people will ask you for advice, counsel, ideas, and inspiration. Don’t feel overwhelmed. You can do it.
Saturn, the planet of karma and harsh lessons, is continuing his journey in your house of death and sexuality. Yes, there are some issues with your passion, drive, and intimacy. Saturn has been trying to fix it since the end of 2017 and this year you will have to graduate from these lessons. Having Saturn in the house of death can feel dark. You are going through a death of your old self and a rebirth of a new one. From middle of March until the end of June, Saturn will move into your house of travel and publishing (where he will also be in 2021 and 2022). During these times you will start to feel the resurrection. But then, from July to December this year, you will again have to deal with Lady Death and allow the final letting go. But no worries. You will fully resurrect at the end of the year. The peak of the challenges take place in January with the triple conjunction taking place in your house of death. Let it go, as one song says. Let it be, as another one suggests.
Venus will spend a long time in your sign this year (April – early August). That is a great thing for your tribe. You will feel artistic, attractive, and get a boost in your income. However, she also retrogrades in your sign between May 13 and June 28, covering all Gemini birthdays. That means: surprise! Maybe an ex will show up to your birthday party like an uninvited witch or warlock. Try not to start any new relationships during the retrograde.



2020 is an intense year that is filled with challenges and emotional periods (especially January, June and December). Your main focus this year is fixing your relationships, breaking patterns in your partnership and attracting the right people into your life. 2020 is a year when you begin a two-and-a-half-year process of major transition and change which will allow you to connect to your power and tap your full potential.
2020 is an intense and powerful year for the Cancer clan. From November 2018 until June 2020, the North Node or Dragon, is surfing in your sign. The last time this happened was 2000 and 2001. The North Node in Cancer helped us assume the qualities of your sign: unconditional love, compassion, home, family, and security. This North Node transit in Cancer put you on the spotlight as we look up to you to show us the way. In June the North Node will move to Gemini and travel into your house of past lives, mysticism, and letting go. Since the North Node shows us what our soul desires (not what our ego wants), this means that for the next 18 months you have to practice surrender (not defeat), letting go, empathy, and meditation. This transit asks you to connect to your intuition, trust your psychic abilities, and work with the suffering of other people. Every once and a while, spend time alone so you can cleanse yourself from other people’s influences and expectations.
In 2020, there is a great deal of activity in Capricorn, your opposite and complimentary sign. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are in Capricorn and transit your house of relationships. Saturn has been in your house of relationships since the end of 2017 and manifested as focus and challenges in your major relationships in life or in business. Saturn is never easy and many of you Cancerians got married or divorced. Saturn in your house of relationships encourages you to make serious decisions and commitment in all your partnerships. This year, Jupiter joins Saturn in your house of relationship, which is great news. It feels like in the last two years you asked a lot of questions about relationships and now Jupiter comes to give some answers and bring some flow. Many of you will get married, engaged, sign partnership agreements and find favorable resolution in lawsuits.
The Pluto-Saturn conjunction in January 2020 can be very transformative, and you will have to make tough decisions about your partners in work and in life. It could also mean that your partner is going through a difficult time. Make sure to be there for them with your natural empathy, but also make sure to place boundaries. From mid-March to end of June, Saturn, the planet of karma, will move into Aquarius and into your house of death and transformation. You can expect a big shift in your life and the beginning of a two-year journey into the Underworld.



2020 is an intense year that is filled with dramatic changes in your work and career. It is a year where you are asked to practice letting go and surrender as well as focus on your health. This year teaches you how to serve your body, your mission, and humanity.
2020 continues and deepens your search for your mission in life. With the cluster of planets settling in your house of work and service, it is a once-in-a-three-decade opportunity to learn how to serve others and find your true calling. I know you might be raising eyebrows, thinking “Me? Serving?” Yes, the royals of the zodiac need to learn how to serve. Every good king and queen in history will tell you that they served their people and, in turn, the people served them.
The last two years have been somewhat difficult with work, employees, health, and diet since Saturn, the Lord Karma, has been scrutinizing these aspects of your life. Since the end of 2017, there have been a great deal of changes and extra responsibilities in your work and / or health. There could have been some issues with coworkers or employees.
Major changes in work and routine started in 2008 when Pluto moved into your house of work, and it felt even heavier with Saturn joining in 2018.
The good news is that this year you have Jupiter, the planet of luck and flow, entering the house of work and health and this should herald good news, a chance for healing, and maybe a promotion.
However, watch your health as well as work in January with the eclipses and the big conjunction, forcing monumental pressure in your routine and work. To sum it up, 2020 is the year you learn how to serve others (work), how to serve your body (diet), how your body serves you (health), how people serve you (employees, coworkers), as well as how time serves you (routine). These are the main questions to be answered in the next 12 months. The eclipses this year are in your house of health, work, and service as well as the house of mysticism and letting go. The eclipses in January and July are forcing you to confront these issues and therefore, preventive medicine, changing your diet, being patient at work, and allowing change to happen without resistance can facilitate the transition.
The eclipses this year are in your house of health, work, and service as well as the house of mysticism and letting go. The eclipses in January and July are forcing you to confront these issues and therefore, preventive medicine, changing your diet, being patient at work, and allowing change to happen without resistance can facilitate the transition. 2020 gives you a once in almost 30 years opportunity to create the work environment and career that you need. You can build your kingdom this year.



2020 is an intense year that will force you to look into your love, happiness, and focus on children. Since Mars will spend six months in your house of passion and intimacy, he will propel you to look deeper into your sexuality. Choose your friends and groups wisely this year and for all of our sakes, learn how to have fun!
2020 is a very interesting year. Leo is forced to learn to serve, while Virgo, the fixer and server, is asked to learn how to have fun, enjoy life, and well, be served. Indeed, it is during Saturnalia, the Roman celebration of Saturn, when roles were reversed and the social order upturned. The conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter fall in your house of children, love, happiness, and creativity. You are forced to change your way of looking at love and creativity. You can become a Mary Poppins, a person who serves childlike people or projects with a happy-go-lucky and magical approach. This year is the final semester of your happiness education before Saturn will move back into your house of work in 2021 and 2022. Saturn’s transit in the house of work will help you infuse your workspace with the happiness and creativity that you have found in 2020. The last time you had Saturn in the house of happiness and love was between 1988 and early 1990.
You can go back to those years to see what lessons you learned about fun, creativity, children, and love. In 2020, you are asked to exercise openness of heart and the ability to see the world through a “child’s mind.” Your job is to be the kid, not the governess or the monk. You are practicing love, not your usual Virgo chastity. However, Pluto and Saturn can be a bit harsh in the way they teach these lessons and, since the conjunction falls in your house of children, there could be issues or the need to take responsibilities with your children or grandchildren. In addition, deep buried childhood memories might surface in order to be healed. But do not be discouraged because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, is also moving into your house of love, creating an opportunity for you to open your heart and maybe even fall in love, if not with a person then with a hobby, a new passion, or a physical activity.
Between March and July, Saturn will move into your house of work, service, and health, and you will get a glimpse of the lessons that you need to learn in 2021 and 2022. There could be some changes in your work, health, and diet. So preventive medicine from the beginning of the year is recommended.
The eclipses this year continue their journey in your house of community and friends. Since the end of 2018, your job has been to be selective with your friends and find like-minded friends and colleagues. From June this year, the eclipses shift into Gemini and Sagittarius, which are square to your sign. This means that until the end of 2021, you will be pushed and pulled between career and home and have to make some tough decisions regarding your professional and personal life.



2020 is an intense year that will force you to look into your dwelling, home, family, and emotional life. The year can help you tie up loose ends, especially in connection to childhood and familial issues. If you want to buy a property or get pregnant (physically or metaphysically), 2020 presents many opportunities for manifesting these things. The year asks you to be true to yourself and your beliefs and look deep into your passion and what you want to summon into your life.
2020 is an emotional year. The next twelve months ask you to emote, to experience life through your heart, and raise you EQ to support your typically high IQ. Since the end of 2017, you have been asking yourself questions such as: where do I want to live? Where is my abode? Where do I feel safe? Who do I want to live with? The last time you were dealing with these questions was 1989 – 1991 and now, with Jupiter entering your house of home, he will bring some answers and opportunities for you to finally settle down. However, in January, the powerful conjunction of Pluto and Saturn creates a major shift in your life. It is a tectonic change with everything that has to do with family, real estate, and land. Some of you will get pregnant, buy a new property, move homes, or face some responsibilities with your family of origin or new family.
However, from mid-March to the end of June, Saturn moves into Aquarius which will be easier for you because Saturn in Capricorn is square to your sign. Saturn in Aquarius focuses you on love, children, and creativity. In 2021 and 2022, Saturn will return to Aquarius and, in those years, you will experience a renewal of interest in children, happiness, and love.
Since the end of 2018, and through June 2020, the eclipses are squaring your sign which made things speed up in your career, as well as home and family. From June this year, the eclipses are moving into Gemini, a fellow Air-Bender, and it will literally feel like you can breathe again. The eclipses from June 2020 until the end of 2021 take place in your house of travel and higher education. These areas of your life will feel like they are going faster and coming to a resolution.
In the last six months of 2020, Mars moves in your house of relationships and marriage. Mars’ transit in that house can manifest as arguments or discord with partners in life or in work, especially September through early November when Mars is retrograde. Mars can also bring energy, passion, and action into your relationships. However, be extra careful with antagonists and enemies, people’s jealousy, and lawsuits. You are the sign of peace, but Mars can stir things up and test your famously strong ability to compromise.



2020 is an intense year even for you, the sign of intensity. The main focus this year is communication: what is your message, who do you need to deliver this message, and what medium will best serve? The message can be information, data, emotions, creative, fiction, no-fiction, technical, or psychic. In addition, 2020 is a year where you have to promote yourself and learn how to market your talents and abilities.
The year 2020 continues your journey into the depth and mystery of the Logos – the power of the word. If there is a sign that is a vessel for the idea of magic, it is Scorpio, the sign of transformation and the occult. Of all magic spells, the most commonly cited is abracadabra. The word is in Aramaic (the root language of Semitic tongues, i.e., Hebrew and Arabic), which according to Jewish lore, is the language of angels. Abracadabra means “I will create as I speak.” This relates to the ancient Greek idea of Logos. As the New Testament asserts (John 1:1), “In the beginning, there was the word and the word was God.”
The powerful conjunction of January 2020 initiates a cycle of 30 years in your house of communication and spells. You are learning first-hand, not always smoothly, how to take responsibility over your words, texts, emails, memos, or any other form of communication you deploy. This is not an easy lesson for you as a mute sign known for keeping secrets. You are the spy, the private investigator, the poker-faced, lips-sealed sign. Learning to communicate better does not reflect on how much more you speak or write but rather on the quality, timing, and meaning of your messages. In other words, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, as well as the South Node, are asking you to change, morph, and consolidate the message you want to deliver to humanity. Since Jupiter moves into your house of communication this year, he facilitates the flow of data and information as well as communication. Other areas in your life where there might be challenges or changes are with relatives, siblings, and neighbors. There might be a need to reach out or help your relatives, fix issues there, or help a neighbor. Saturn might also ask you to look into your contracts and renegotiate or altogether break some of your agreements. Again, the power of the word also means paying attention to the small print in your contacts.
This year is a good year to start a new businesses and dive into new deals, leads, or trade. Since the eclipses are taking place in your house of foreign cultures and higher education, some of the business opportunities could come from abroad or in connection to education, mass media, and / or publishing. Focus on media and communication and, in some way you will have to let go of the shroud of secrecy and expose, market, and promote yourself or your projects.



2020 is an intense year as the eclipses are focused in your house of death, sexuality, intimacy and transformation. There is a great deal of work you need to do on your self-worth and talents in order to change or add to your income. In addition, this is the year where love is in the air with Venus, North Node, and Mars, converging in your house of relationship and love. Go get them, centaurs!
In 2020, you continue investigating your true talents, and how, with the help of a healthy dose of self-worth, you can increase your income. Everyone thinks that you are the happy-go-lucky sign. Everyone assumes you are in love with life and with yourself, but since 2015, it has not been easy. While it is true that Jupiter was on your side in 2019, you also had to experience a great deal of harsh life lessons that have reduced your sense of self-worth and maybe even put a dent on your finances.
In January 2020, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are conjunct and start a new cycle that, with the help of discipline, focus, and planning, can dramatically improve your finances and even unearth new revenue streams. Saturn can help you rectify your finances and Pluto can aid in resurrecting hidden talents. However, the price of Pluto’s help is a death or an end of the old way of making money.
You must let go of whatever patterns hold you back in your personal life, since they also manifest in your profession.
From mid-March to early July, Saturn momentarily shifts gears and moves into Aquarius, the sign that rules your house of relatives, communication, business, and contracts. You will have to deal with these aspects of life and face some challenges, which will become dominant in your life again in 2021 and 2022. However, in these years, you will also have Jupiter helping create new opportunities for connections, businesses, and marketing.
The North Node moves to Gemini, your opposite sign, from June 2020 to the end of 2021 which places the South Node in your sign. That means that you, along with the rest of humanity, will have to let go of the negative aspects of your sign: over-optimism, fanaticism, zealotry, over-religiosity, gluttony, and being too preachy or sanctimonious. There will be a great deal of discussion about what is the difference between my truth, your truth, and the truth. The next two years is a good time for you to be a bit less Sagittarius and more Gemini, your complementary sign. That means focusing on writing, marketing yourself, communicating, connecting people, and most importantly, breathing. Since the North Node is moving in June to your house of relationships, it means being less focused on yourself and more on your partner or relationships.
Venus, the goddess of love, travels from April to August in your house of relationships. This could bring a new love, or color an old love with more sparkle. When Venus is retrograde in May and June, she might bring back an old-flame or reconnect you to a talent you neglected in the past.



While 2020 is a powerful and intense year for all the zodiac signs, you will go through the deepest transformation. In this year, you are Atlas, holding the globe on your shoulder, since there are so many planets channeling their energies through your sign. You must be strong and yet flexible to make the changes necessary for you to grow.
2020 is a one-in-a-million kind of year for you Capricorn. If you thought 2019 was intense, 2020 will break the galactic record. In 2019, you had a lot of special guest stars including Saturn, your ruler, Pluto, the Lord of Death, and the eclipses. This year, two major things are happening that add a bit of drama: From December 2019, Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and expansion, has moved into your sign. This cycle occurs once in twelve years (2008, 1996, etc.) and it is great news for your clan. Jupiter brings a breeze of fresh air in a time you need it most and will improve your health, mood, energy level, and help you rebrand and reinvent yourself. Jupiter can bring about a good change in your path, a new opportunity for self-improvement, and a great deal of luck and synchronicities.
On January 10, we are having an eclipse in your sign as well as one of the most dreaded conjunctions in a generation: Saturn and Pluto come together in your sign. The last time these two were in conjunction was in 1982. It is recommended to look back and see what happened to you at that time, that is, if you were alive. However, the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in your sign was over 250 years ago! Conjunctions are always an initiation of a cycle and it is taking place in your house of body and personality.
Watch your health and don’t take extra risks — physically, mentally, and emotionally. I know you are the sign of caution and responsibility, and yet I do find it necessary to warn you. It is not all sadness and gloom as this conjunction can be not just a change of direction in life but the building of a grand new infrastructure of highways to take you to your true destination. This conjunction is a mega-transformation that might feel like a death and a resurrection.
The North Node will be moving in June away from your opposite sign, Cancer, into Gemini and it will be easier to handle the lunatic energies of the Moon. The eclipses will take place in your house of work, health, and diet, as well as the house of letting go. This means that in June and again in December, there will be some changes in your work, routine, diet, and how you serve humanity. Venus will also be staying in your house of work for a long period this year (April – early August), which can bring new creative and exciting possibilities in your work.



In 2020, you are called to use all you have learned in your life as an Aquarius and exercise your altruism, kindness, and love for humanity. The success of the year on all levels depends on your ability to let go, break patterns, and say “No!” to things that block you or keep you in chains. This year, you are beginning a new cycle that can help you become a completely new and upgraded version of yourself.
For everyone in the zodiac family, 2020 is intense and somewhat challenging. For you, Aquarians, the sign that is associated with altruism, humanity, and democracy, 2020 poses two challenges. First, the fact that the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn takes place in the house of letting go, suffering, hospitals, and past lives. Second, the fact that everyone around you will be going through difficulties, which propels you to try to help them. In 2020, you are like a nun helping people heal from the plague while risking herself in the process. It is not a coincidence that in one of the most difficult years in decades, you have so many planets transiting in your house of empathy. These planets will help you channel and heal people around you and practice your water-bearing skills.
Since the end of 2017, you have been hosting Saturn, the planet of karma, in your house of pain and suffering. It does not mean that you are constantly depressed, but rather suggests that you are more aware of the pain in and around you. But the house of pain and empathy is also the house of past lives, mysticism, meditation, dreams, and imagination. While it is true that you experience pain, you also have the tools to fix, heal, and rectify suffering.
In December 2019, Jupiter entered the house of pain and letting go. That is great news as it means that the cavalry is coming. This year, especially after your birthday, you will feel like there is more support, an easier flow, and an ability to let go of things that block you or hold you down. In addition, the South Node is also in your house of pain and letting go which will facilitate the release of pain and obstacles.
Another major transit that takes place this year is Saturn, your traditional ruler, moving into your sign for the first time in 30 years. This takes place between March and June, and again from the middle of December 2020 until 2023. You can go back to 1991-1993 and see what lessons and main events took place at that time. The good news is that when Saturn moves to your sign, he will have completed his journey through the house of pain and suffering and begins a new cycle.
Saturn in your sign will feel as if you carry extra responsibilities, but it is an opportunity to grow in all aspects of your life. You are also super-blessed that, right when Saturn moves into your sign, Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, is joining him.



2020 is an intense year and it mainly focuses on changing or consolidating your tribe, company, or people you consider your friends, fans, or clients. In the second part of the year, your focus will change to improving your financial situation and fighting for your values, as well as a need to build your home and create a family.
Since the end of 2017, you have been searching for your people, your tribe, your true friends and community — a fish looking for your school. This year, in addition to the process of letting go of the wrong people, companies, and communities, you can start discovering your true friendships. The last two years were filled with questions: who are my people? Where do I belong? Where is my tribe? Who can I influence and who can inspire me?
Now, Jupiter is entering the scene with answers and opportunities to finally find the friends and fellowship you have longed for. Some of you will change companies, your circle of friends, and even move to a different city or country. In the first month of the year, you will be able to start a new cycle that will last a generation and help you connect with the right people. Since you have so many planets in the house of wishes and hopes, you will be able to manifest your dreams
with much more ease. The question will be whether what you want is truly what you need. If they are one and the same, you can expect a great deal of universal help to you and your projects especially if they involve working with your friends or people you like. 2020 is the year you need to go out and make new acquaintances, connect to new clubs and organizations, even enter politics.
Between mid-March and the beginning of July, Saturn will briefly enter your house of letting go and past lives where it will also transit throughout 2021-2022. This is similar to what you experienced in 1991-1993 and it will be good to go back and see what lessons you downloaded then. Saturn in the house of letting go will connect you to dreams, imagination, and memories from past lives, but it is also associated with breaking patterns, hospitals, and separations. You will have to be a bit more careful from March to July and make sure you balance your health and mood swings. However, it is a good time to let go of whatever holds you back or blocks you.
In 2020 you will also have many opportunities to focus on your home, family, real estate, and perhaps relocate, especially when Venus visits your house of home between April and early August.
Since the eclipses are moving from the house of children to the house of home in June, this may manifest as a child coming into your family, buying a property, or changing location.
In the last six months of the year, you will find yourself with Mars traveling in your house of money. It is a good time to push your projects forward. Just make sure not to start anything new while Mars is retrograde (September 9 – November 14). Since Mars can be impulsive and impetuous, make sure not to make frivolous investments or purchases.
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