July 13, 2013
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Thank you so much for constantly bringing our needs before the throne of grace.  Here are some of our current praises and prayer requests from the field.

1. I just finished teaching my first Seminary class on Bible Doctrines.  Praise the Lord, all 12 of my students passed! :)
2. School is going well for the whole family.  Recently Casandra's one K-5 student mentioned "that when Jesus comes if we are being good we get to go to heaven".  Casandra was able to use that comment to share the TRUE gospel with her and the five first graders.  Please pray for more opportunities to share the truth of God's Word with our students and their families.
3.  Recently we asked for prayer for one of our J.V. Awana boys, Juan.  Just a few weeks ago he made a decision to follow Christ and has been faithful in attending the meetings on Wednesday night!  Please pray for his continued spiritual growth.
Talking with Juan during Awana
Prayer Requests:
1. Visa situation: We recently sent a letter to the lawyer in Lima who is interceding for us before the authorities, and he says, "I hope the letter got turned in in time, so that we don't have to start the whole process over again." OH, LORD, PLEASE!
2. I leave tomorrow for a week-long mission's trip (Sun., July 14th to Sun., July 21) with several of the Seminary students, the pastor of our church, Sam Rojas, and the seminary director, Ken Loveall.  We are heading to the jungle and I will be helping translate for a medical missions team.  From about 8am to 5pm every day we will be translating medical needs and simultaneously giving the gospel.  There will be messages preached during the entire time for those who come seeking medical help.  Please pray that both bodies and souls would be healed by the Great Physician.
               Several requests here:
               1.) This will be the first time Casandra has been alone for an extended period of time with the boys.
               2.) She will be subbing for my English and Bible classes while I am gone.
               3.) The jungle is prime breeding ground for dengue and yellow fever. (Yes, I will be taking my repellent!).
               4.) That I can keep straight my Spanish medical vocabulary ("He either said his kidneys hurt or his tonsils hurt...")
               5.) God's Spirit to go before us and prepare hearts as the gospel will be presented MANY times during our trip.

3.  Also pray for the other two team families (Rojas and Loveall) who will be without their fathers this week as well.
4.  After I return from the trip we will be having a food and fellowship time with our Awana group here in our home.  Pray that more hearts would be open to the gospel and that these young people would totally surrender their lives to Christ.
5. Coming up in August-
                 *We are praying to start a discipleship program in our church. 
                 *I will also be teaching my second class on Spanish Grammar starting August 5th for three weeks.

"Great and Mighty is the Lord our God!"  It is only by His help that we can do all of these things.

In Him,
Eric & Casandra Pardine
Apartado 368
Cusco, Peru

Boy's Blog:
Joshua loves to sing and even though he doesn't know all of the words in Spanish he makes up his own lyrics and keeps right on singing.  To help him out we were practicing "Are you washed in the blood?" at the breakfast table.  Little Steven decided to join in on the course and while we were singing "lavame" (wash me) he was singing "largate" (which basically means, "get out of here")!

Pictured above:
Casandra recently bought a "manta" to carry Steven like the local ladies do.  Obviously our two-year old can walk and doesn't have to be carried, but she is using it as a bridge to build friendships with the local ladies.
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