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Jungle Update July 2013
           Two weeks ago Tuesday, almost thirty medics and assistants (including doctors, ophthalmologists, and a dentist) began a four day free clinic for the people living in the jungle of Peru. 

Specifically, they ministered in Salvación, Huacaria, Pilcopata, and Patria. (I know, these names mean nothing to you yet, but look at the map below!) I was one of three translators at the registration table, where, over the next few days we serviced close to 1,300 people.   After seeing the doctor of their choice, each one was directed to a small room we used for counseling and evangelism.  To our knowledge, each one heard a clear presentation of the gospel, and about 120 people made professions of faith!  After finishing at the registration table each day, I had some free time to hold a small kids club with the younger ones who were either waiting to be seen or waiting for their parents to be seen.  Between the two stories of Zacchaeus and Namaan, the kids heard how God loves sinners, seeks them out, and cleans them up. 
           Two experiences I just have to tell you about: I spoke with this one fellow in Huacaria who was an elementary teacher (like me!).  He was so attentive to the gospel presentation, and when he trusted Christ for eternal life, the very next question out of his mouth was, “What about the people who don’t believe in the true God?” (an understandable question seeing as how we were sitting in a village plagued by the presence of a witch doctor).  I told him it seemed that God was already burdening his heart for his own people, and who better to tell them than he?

           The other young man I spoke with (Jhonatan) practically witnessed to himself! He told me he felt like God was chasing him (“There’s a reason for that…” I said), and that he recognized that God had given him many chances to repent, and sensed that if he didn’t take this chance, he wouldn´t get any more.  Then he said he felt that there were two ways before him: one that led to life, and one that led to death.  I mean, really, could he have been any more ready? Praise the Lord, he poured his heart out to God and took advantage of the eternal life he had been offered!

           God kept us safe as we bounced over winding dirt roads and forded a river in our bus to get to and from the different villages.  Thank you so much for praying.  God heard and answered. 

One of the special needs now is for follow up in the four towns.  Only one has a missionary that we know of, the other three are between 30 min. to an hour away (driving).  Two seminary students and I were able to stay two extra days after the medics left, and began the process of follow-up with some in the village of Huacaria.  Imagine trying to find someone whose only address is “Main Street, NYC”.  That’s about the equivalent of the addresses we have recorded for many of those who professed Christ during the campaign.  Please pray with us for these precious ones, that more laborers will answer the call to go, and that churches may begin in the places where Satan’s presence can be felt. 

As of the present, a Peruvian family is considering and praying about going to the jungle as missionaries: meanwhile though several seminary students and myself are considering returning to the jungle on a regular, rotating basis.  The round trip cost for one person for one weekend is between $80-$100 which for the seminary students is about the equivalent of a month's tuition and room and board at the seminary in Urubamba.  As you can imagine, the cost of returning to the jungle is outside of their means, but their hearts are eager to serve.  If you would consider giving towards these jungle trips please see the information below.

    "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few..." Matthew 9:37a

                                          Please continue to pray!

In Him, 

Eric, Casandra, Joshua & Steven Pardine
Apartado 368
Cusco, Peru

All donations may be sent to:
Eric Pardine
c/o Global Faith Mission Agency, Inc.
PO Box 3326
Chattanooga, TN   37404

*If it is for the jungle trip please specify: Jungle Trip

Please send all personal correspondence to: Eric and Casandra Pardine, Apartado 368, Cusco, Peru, South America

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