Hello from Urubamba!                                        May 31, 2013
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A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8 This verse has been pounding me lately, but it's a good kind of pounding. =)
Dear prayer warriors,

       We know that some of you think that we have dropped off of the face of the earth because you have not heard from us in a few months.  Since our arrival here in Urubamba in mid-February we have hit the ground running.  We decided to spend our first year serving in New Life Baptist Church here in Urubamba.  I am teaching the older teen Sunday school class and we are studying Philippians inductively along with their regular lessons.  I also am preaching on Sunday nights twice a month, and have had two opportunities to preach for the radio program, with another opportunity coming soon.  Every Monday morning this month I am preaching in Seminary chapel and will teach my first seminary block class at the end of June.  Pray for good time management in order to prepare well for every task.

From early morning to mid-afternoon we are teaching in Heroes of Faith Christian School which is located on the church property.  Casandra’s class has grown to ten 3- and 4-year olds, one 5-year old, and 4 first graders for a total of 15 very energetic munchkins!  Pray for her and her co-teacher, Irma, to have the wisdom and patience needed to teach even the smallest students how to please God in everything they say and do.  We just had our Mother’s Day program at school and the students did a great job showing their love for their mothers through songs, drama, and poems.  Casandra’s class performed two musical numbers with homemade instruments using milk cans, tongue depressors and plastic bottles filled with rice!  My discipleship is going well with my fellow teacher, Sergio.  He is very enthusiastic about studying God’s Word and eager to learn more and more.  His son, Gonzalo, and his son’s mother, Clara, are both unsaved but have been attending church with him recently, please pray for their salvation.

We are in charge of the JV Awana group on Wednesday nights and praise God for the continued growth we have seen.  Our highest count so far has been 14 high schoolers who sacrificed precious homework/study time to study God’s Word.   We are studying through the book of James verse by verse and memorizing the verses as we go.  At least one of the teens attending is unsaved, and we are trying to visit him in order to give him a Bible.  Please pray for Juan’s salvation.  Also several new kids and families attended an evangelistic family night that we had on May 29th.  Please pray for the salvation of these families.       

Our visa work is still up in the air. The documents that we were waiting for have arrived and we are making another trip to Lima on June 3 in order to resubmit our paperwork.  Pray that God would give us grace in the eyes of the immigration workers!

We’ve been able to host several visitors in our home since we were able to purchase chairs for our table and a small living room set.  Casandra has also been reaching out through baking to our neighbors/landlord (who is unsaved).  Please pray for the salvation of Rudecindo and his wife, Yolanda.

One of our goals for this year was to start taking Quechua classes.  Twice a week I am meeting with a local pastor to begin learning the language.  Casandra is able to join me during the Thursday night class and we are trying to teach the boys a few words as we learn them, though we are sure that they will soon know more than we do!

Joshua is improving in his understanding of Spanish and behavior at school.  He has made friends with all of the other students and they are all eagerly awaiting the day when they can fully understand each other.  In the meanwhile they use their mutual “toy vocabulary” to transmit the most important messages.  Thank you for praying for him.  He is excited about learning new words and tries to use them whenever he can even if it means quoting part of the pledge to the flag instead of the words to the poem his class is learning!

We have enjoyed the good teamwork among the Cuzco team, but we also need lots of prayer because Satan is never satisfied with God’s work going well. One teammate mentioned to us that sometimes churches are started here like towns are started.  Someone thinks that it’s a good idea and they elect a president and a board and start a church, but the pastor is often untrained.  Some young people are saved and come to the seminary for further training.  When they want to become missionaries they are often sent out by our church.  The need is great for trained workers to go out with the gospel and start new works.  Please continue to pray for the ministries of New Life Baptist and the Seminary and the impact made in the lives of many here in Urubamba and the surrounding areas.

The week at a glance:
Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
Teen Sun. school class Seminary chapel Quechua class AWANA teen class Quechua class Family day! 6am men's Bible study/prayer mtg. with team members
Preaching 2x month Heroes of the Faith Christian School    

This past weekend the town of Urubamba celebrated its patron saint with parades trolling the streets from early ‘til late at night complete with bands of musicians and traditional dances. 

Sadly though, after parading through the street with paper images and proclaiming “another gospel”, the same people sat around drinking on the steps of the cathedral in the main plaza. (If you look closely, you can see the empty bottles.)  Pray for the people of Urubamba.  There is still much darkness here; pray that we can be salt and light.

We love you guys and are praying  with our boys for many of you by name. If you have a recent family picture you would like us to add to our prayer box, PLEASE DO send it!

In Him, 

Eric, Casandra, Joshua & Steven Pardine

(P.S. if you happened to buy an extra taco seasoning packet at the grocery store and don't know what to do with it, please send it on!) =)

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