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Gerry's Welcome

It’s back to school time. Fall is always a wistful milestone and this year that is especially so. My youngest daughter started Kindergarten and it has been fun to see her excitement over this new beginning. 
We have enjoyed a great summer here in Victoria with a number of customers coming to visit us including members of our advisory board. The pace was relaxed and now as the weather changes it is time to refocus on the year ahead.
In mid-July we took advantage of the gorgeous weather here in Victoria to spend a few days off-site to focus our attention on where ViVitro is going and our upcoming plans.

The view was inspirational and over several days we focused on our plans to improve the state of the art in cardiovascular device testing.

Our new Endovascular Simulator has been completed and in this issue of the newsletter we have links to a new brochure and video that shows the range of applications it can be used for from neural to peripheral vascular applications. The flexibility of the system is intended to aid your development efforts for any type of cardiovascular device.

Our lab has developed a new calcification service whereby we can calcify valves enabling you to perform comparative studies on valve performance with and without the effects of calcification.  

Lastly, our new flow meter continues to make good progress in development. We will provide additional details in the next newsletter on first customer trials.

Rob's interview with Michael Nagy is part of an ongoing effort to recognize a new generation of Cardiovascular Pioneers

ViVitro has a long history of working with pioneers and we want to share their work as widely as possible. In fact, 7 new cited publications have been added to our website since May.  

Please drop me a line if you would like to participate in an interview or nominate someone that you would like to hear about in a future interview. 
Again this year I will be at TCT in Washington DC (Oct 28 – Nov 2) with other team members as well as our new Latin American sales representative Andreluiz Cunha. Please stop by our booth (# 2256), it would be a pleasure to have a few minutes to speak with you.
Here’s to a successful Fall.

Gerry Wight
General Manager
1 (250) 388 3531

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Accessory 

The Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) accessory enables testing of LVAD devices with physiological pulsatile flows generated by the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator. It is an optional add-on to the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator.  If you prefer that ViVitro perform the testing, LVAD testing can be ordered from ViVitro Labs.

 Digital flow meter update

Read the updated product brochure or contact product manager, Joe McMahen, for more information.  

 Join us at TCT

ViVitro demonstrates the ViViFlow Electromagnetic Flow Meter and ViVitro Endovascular Simulator  on October 28 – November 2, in booth 2256 at TCT in Washington DC.

INTERVIEW: Michael Nagy on implantable wireless pulmonary artery sensors

Michael L. Nagy, VP Engineering, Endotronix

ViVitro’s Lab Manager, Rob Fraser, recently spoke with Michael L. Nagy, Endotronix VP Engineering, about the Endotronix Care Management Solution, a recent $32m Series C funding for Heart Failure Solutions, and healthcare transformation in the Internet of Things and Digital Health world.

Endotronix is developing a single platform digital health medtech solution that provides comprehensive health management tools for patients suffering from advanced heart failure. The solution includes a cloud-based disease management data system and outpatient hemodynamic monitoring with an implantable wireless pulmonary artery sensor for early detection of worsening heart failure.


New Endovascular Simulator brochure and video demonstrate system's versatility and ease of use 

Endovascular Simulator system with optional display

The ViVitro Endovascular Simulator can be used for any portion of the cardiovascular system. Our vascular flow platform brings physiological pulsatility to anatomical models for research and development. The simulator can easily be reconfigured for bench-top, cath lab or portable cart installation.
Learn more in our new brochure and video providing detailed coverage of different model set-ups and easy configuration changes.  Or request a free personal Skype consultation.


 CRIONS signed as ViVitro's Latin American distributor

The Críons team for ViVitro: Erick Alves: Vivitro support/Repair; Ana Paula Moisés: Coordinator – Process and Production; Andreluiz de Sousa Cunha, Development Manager; and Samuel Alves: Software – IT Technician

Críons is now the Latin American sales agent for all ViVitro Labs cardiovascular device testing products and Laboratory testing services. The products include the ViVitro Labs SuperPump, ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator, ViVitro Labs HiCycle Durability Tester and ViVitro Labs EV Simulator. Services include Durability, Pulsatile-Flow, and Steady Flow Laboratory Testing conducted by ViVitro Labs, and equipment repairs and calibration conducted by Críons. ViVitro Labs will continue to serve Mexico directly from its Canadian headquarters.


Updated ExVivo Simulator

Preparing the ExVivo Simulator for testing

The ViVitro ExVivo Simulator combines an explanted heart with a ViVitro SuperPump and a circulatory loop to enable device testing in an anatomical environment. Pressure transducers and a flow meter monitor system performance while catheter insertion ports allow access for deploying devices or inserting an endoscope. The ExVivo Simulator offers a flexible platform for testing a variety of transcatheter devices.  Contact us for more details. 


Industry News - Tissue Engineering

‘off-the-shelf’ material that doctors can implant in a patient, and it can grow in the body 

University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering Professor Robert Tranquillo and his colleagues use the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator in a groundbreaking new study.


UBC prof invents synthetic heart tissue that replaces human cadavers for training 

The tissue is already being used to train surgeons at Kelowna General Hospital.


ISO 5910 / 5840 Testing Standards Seminar in Beijing

Rob Fraser and Mr. Shining Sun from Fortis-Hitech conduct seminar
ViVitro Labs and Fortis-Hitech held an information seminar this August in Beijin covering the latest developments in the ISO 5910 and ISO 5840 standards.  Rob Fraser sums up the enthusiastic response from attendees: "We ended the formal presentation at around 2:30 but were answering questions until ~5:30."



FAQ: Connecting transducers and third party devices to ViVitro equipment

Connecting transducers and third party devices to ViVitro equipment is easy and straightforward in ViVitro Labs test equipment.

ViViTest software and Data Acquisition System are designed to accommodate any third party pressure and flow measurement tools which are capable of an analog output.
 Read FAQ

Early morning sun shines on our  new ViVitro sign.
Photo credit: Debbie Gould

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