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October 2020
Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

DS: Lots of activity in the past month.

DS: Autronic Plastics purchases La Mar Lighting.
LaMar Lighting is Acquired by Autronic Plastics
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DS: LED thin panel maker is acquired.
Summerville Manufacturer Acquires Irish Developer of Thin-Panel Lighting Fixture
Source: / David Wren
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DS: Sentrics buys Luna Lights.
Sentrics Expands Ensure360 (SM) Platform with Luna Lights Acquisition
Source: curated/  
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DS: Luminii picks up iLight Technologies.
Luminii Acquisition of iLight Technologies Diversifies Linear LED Portfolio, Bolsters U.S. Manufacturing Capabilities
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DS: Elite Lighting acquires EPL assets.
Confirmed: Elite Lighting Beats Out GE Current for Edison Price Lighting
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DS: DOE study finds that 2018 LED adoption was at 30.0% of general illumination lighting. A-lamps reached 32.9% adoption and were half of LED products installed. Decorative lamps increased to 16% adoption. Outdoor LED use achieved 51.4% adoption and indoor lighting hit 29.8%. However, indoor had 22X more LED installations than outdoor. Connected lighting control penetration was at 0.2%.

DOE Releases LED Adoption Report
Source: / Craig DiLouie

The latest edition of the DOE report, Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications, models the state of the U.S. general-lighting market as of 2018 and provides analysis on realized and potential energy saving benefits associated with LED lamps and luminaires.
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DS: IES’s Mark Lien shares his insight on the top ten forces that will shape the lighting industry of the future.

Lighting Market Transformation Top 10 (Plus a Pandemic)
Source: / Mark Lien / LD+A magazine "Progressions" column

Opportunities, threats and trends - some from within the industry, some from outside and one tragically unexpected - make this list. 
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COVID-19 Disinfection and Consumer UVC Products 

DS: Anticipated problems with consumer UVC products are being reported.

Experts Sound the Alarm on Consumer UV Products 

When properly utilized, professional grade UV-C light disinfection products are playing an important role in public health and building safety during these pandemic times. But what happens when anyone with WiFi and a credit card can order a 5-star reviewed UV-C consumer product for their home? 
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UV-C Accidents Highlight Need for Caution

A series of accidents involving UV-C lighting has raised concerns in the industry and highlighted the need to proceed with caution, say observers. The incidents in Asia saw schoolchildren and journalists exposed to potentially harmful UV-C irradiation.
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DS: Green light reduces headaches.

Research Finds Green Light Helps to Ease Headaches
Source: / Yining Chen

A new research conducted by the University of Arizona Health Sciences found that people who suffer from migraine may benefit from green light therapy, which was shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and improve patient quality of life. "This is the first clinical study to evaluate green light exposure as a potential preventive therapy for patients with migraine," said Mohab Ibrahim, an associate professor in the UArizona College of Medicine and lead of the study.
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DS: New Schneider Electric company will create commercial building microgrids that could increase demand for DC fixtures.  

Schneider Electric and Huck Capital Partner to Deliver Energy-As-a-Service Through Microgrids

Schneider Electric and Huck Capital recently announced a partnership to create a new company that will deliver energy-as-a-service to commercial and industrial buildings —combining Schneider’s energy management and microgrid expertise with Huck’s sustainability-focused investment and operational focus. 
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DS: PNNL publishes report on DC lighting and microgrids.

DC Lighting and Building Microgrids: Opportunities and Recommendations
Source: / Gabe Arnold and Grace Pennell

Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) conducted research to characterize the current state of DC lighting and building microgrid market and technologies. 
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DS: Researchers discover that circadian disruption increases tumor growth in mice.  

Circadian Disruption Promotes Tumor-Immune Microenvironment Remodeling Favoring Tumor Cell Proliferation
Source: / I. Aiello, et al

Circadian disruption negatively affects physiology, posing a global health threat that manifests in proliferative, metabolic, and immune diseases, among others. Because outputs of the circadian clock regulate daily fluctuations in the immune response, we determined whether circadian disruption results in tumor-associated immune cell remodeling, facilitating tumor growth. Our findings show that tumor growth rate increased and latency decreased under circadian disruption conditions compared to normal light-dark (LD) schedules in a murine melanoma model. 
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DS: Menards continues its Eastward expansion from OH & KY into WV.

Menards Expands in West Virginia

Menards has opened two new stores, marking the home improvement giant’s first locations in West Virginia. On Oct. 19, Menards officially opened a new store in Barboursville, roughly 40 miles west of Charleston. The retailer also opened a new 200,000-square-foot location in Triadelphia on the same day.
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DS: Zhaga adds ANSI dimming receptacle to outdoor luminaire standard (Book 18).

Zhaga’s Book 18 Plans to Add ANSI’s C136.41 Dimming Receptacle

Zhaga is planning a 3rd edition of the popular Book 18 specification for outdoor luminaires that will allow for architectures combining an ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle with a Zhaga receptacle. Book 18 Ed. 3.0 will enable Zhaga-D4i certification of hybrid luminaires as well as control devices with an ANSI interface in addition to the certifications already offered by Book 18 Ed. 2.0.
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DS: WELL Building Standard v2.0 is released.

WELL 2.0 Officially Launched
Source: / Craig DiLouie

The International WELL Building Institute recently announced the official launch of Version 2 of the WELL Building Standard, following a two-year vetting process.
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DS: Members of the IES Color Committee dissected Bridgelux‘s ASD color-metric white paper. They found it of little value and lacking in evidence to back claims.

Spectral Similarity as a Measure of Naturalness?
Source: / Jason Livingston (Studio T+L), Michael Royer (PNNL), Lorne Whitehead (University of British Columbia)

It seems that every month there is a new metric proposed to quantify the performance of light sources, particularly with respect to spectral properties. One of the latest examples is Average Spectral Difference (ASD), a metric developed by Bridgelux that is claimed to quantify the “naturalness” of a light source and its value for “human-centric lighting.” In this post we examine the concept of spectral similarity and evaluate the claims made by Bridgelux regarding ASD. 
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DS: Securities fraud charges filed against Revolution Lighting and four of its executives.

SEC Charges Lighting Products Company and Four Executives with Accounting Violations

An ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into the accounting practices of Revolution Lighting Technologies has led to formal charges being brought against the company and four of its executives. In a settlement agreement, the company and each of the individuals agreed to pay a combined $1.6 million in penalties. An audit revealed that the company had a practice of entering "bill and hold" sales -- a practice that enabled improper revenue recognition. 
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DS: This article from Willard Warren reveals that lighting has dropped to 10% of total electricity use and 4% of total energy use in commercial buildings.

The Trouble with Formulaic Designs Driven by Increased Efficacy
Source: / Willard Warren

In the May issue of LD+A, IES Industry Relations Manager Mark Lien compared the “arts and crafts” of the music field to the “art and science” of lighting. In music, he wrote, some craftsmen create great art while others produce “commodity” music. In lighting, where science is a significant factor, some lighting designers can still evoke feelings in spaces, while others just produce “formulaic” lighting, especially in spaces that by their very nature are more concerned with function than form.
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DS: For those that reached the bottom ...

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