AmazonSupply Seeking Commercial Lighting Vendors
Source:  AmazonSupply
The lighting and electrical buyer at AmazonSupply recently challenged Lighting Solution Development to bring him commercial lighting and electrical lines.  When asked if he wants safe commodity product or exotic unusual products, he replied "both"!  

Amazon seeks vendors that can do the following:
  • Submit detailed product attribute spreadsheets.  This is how the product specs get uploaded onto the Amazon website.  These spreadsheets may have up to 50 columns (model #, voltage, wattage, CCT, etc). 
  • Warehouse their own inventory. The buyer is willing to commit to some stock.  His goal is that vendors will put 95% of their SKUs online and sell a couple units of each to Amazon, to get started.  He would then reorder based on demand.  You could initially present AmazonSupply with the SKUs that you currently stock. There would be no extra risk to your company, and you would meet the buyer’s needs for those models.
  • Ship product with bar codes.  If your shipping cartons already have UPC bar codes, that is acceptable.  If not, you would have to add Amazon bar codes.  AmazonSupply would arrange shipments of your products to their distribution centers. 
  • Meet co-op requirements
There are three separate co-op terms required to be a vendor:
  • 6% marketing allowance, for promotional emails, SEO, HD photos, etc.
  • 2% freight allowance, for Amazon handling all freight
  • 2% return allowance, for Amazon eating all customer returns.  Amazon would not return products to the vendor, even if defective.
The above totals a 10% discount on all invoices.  You should anticipate these allowances when quoting.

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New California Energy Commission Enforcement Regulations Coming
Source:  Dick Upton, ALA

The California State Legislature has authorized the CEC to enforce all of its efficiency regulations. The CEC has been working to develop their enforcement procedures for two years and will conduct a Rulemaking Workshop on Tuesday, 2/25 in Sacramento, to give stakeholders the opportunities to review/discuss/offer alternatives prior to their regulations being adopted. The CEC expects to finalize their regulations and begin enforcement action this Fall.  Beyond its importance to manufacturers and manufacturers reps and retailers doing business in California, the structure, procedures and penalties could well be adopted by other states and provinces and have far-reaching consequences.

Future Is Bright For Lighting Technologies
Source:  Craig DiLouie, in Electrical Contractor
As the LED revolution continues to proliferate with new lighting solutions that compete with conventional lighting, some novel technologies haven’t gotten as much attention. For example, the organic LED (OLED) is emerging as a potential area light source, while light-emitting plasma continues to develop for high-intensity applications.? Beyond these technologies are others, some still in the laboratory or entering the infant stage of commercialization.
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DOE Issues Final Rule For Metal Halide Lamp Fixtures / Energy Regs Come With $70M Price Tag
Sources:  DOE and
As part of the Energy Department’s efforts to develop efficiency standards that cut carbon pollution and save money by saving energy, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced 1/30/14 that the Department has finalized new energy efficiency standards for metal halide lamp fixtures. The current standards will save approximately 6.4 quads of energy and result in approximately $9.6 billion in energy bill savings for products shipped from 2009-2038. 

For Details
The Obama administration is moving forward with tougher energy efficiency standards that would cost manufacturers more than $70 million, but save consumers billions of dollars in energy bills.  The Department of Energy (DOE) said the new requirements for metal halide lamp fixtures and external power supplies will cut energy waste, save families money on their utility bills and reduce pollution.  The agency said the new rules are "economically justified," because they would result in significant energy savings for the public.  

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5 Smart Trends To Watch In Commercial Lighting
The momentum behind industrial and commercial building retrofits  continues to build — and that's simply because they make sense. Depending on the data you cite, many LED projects yield a return on investment within two to three years; incentives and rebates can accelerate the payback by six months. As a result, revenue for this sector is expected to grow to more than $25 billion in 2021, from just $2.7 billion in 2013, predicts Navigant Research
"The rise of LED technology will transform every part of the commercial lighting industry," said Jesse Foote, an analyst at Navigant. "While other lighting technologies have limited potential for future improvements, new designs for LEDs that push quality and efficacy to new levels continue to emerge from lighting labs around the world."  LEDs aren't the only story in lighting, of course, but they are laying the groundwork for innovations that could have a direct impact on your sustainable business agenda. Here are five related trends we're watching….
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By the Numbers: NAHB Predicts Growth
Source:  HCN
This year will be the year of a million starts, and then some, according to economists at the builders group.  Led by a resurgence in single-family production, housing will continue its climb toward higher ground in 2014, but builders are still confronting several challenges that could hinder the pace of the ongoing recovery, according to economists speaking at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders' Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.
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Smart Lighting Is Here - Cree Takes the Prize
Source:  LIGHTimes Online

This column has dedicated more than a little space over the last few years opining that smart lighting was imminent and that if lighting manufacturers weren't making the moves to incorporate real 'smart' lighting, they might find themselves desperately chasing the curve when the first 'real' implementations showed up. Guess what? Smart lighting showed up on February 4, in the form of Cree's new SmartCast™ technology, and it looks exactly like we've been describing: Sensors in every luminaire, network communication and self-configuration.

Things are about to get very interesting, as the majors are now faced with a nimble actor who has done what most of forward thinkers in the industry knew was inevitable. Controls companies will need to rapidly redefine their place in the big picture that will be defined by distributed intelligence (in every luminaire), rather than centralized control. The lighting majors will obviously need to step up to counter with their own intelligent luminaires and replacement lamps, but it will be fun to watch their interim response, as historically incumbents with large market share tend to downplay innovations until they have their own answer. I tend to think they won't be able to buy much time. Smart lighting is here now.

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World’s Smallest LED Is a Single Molecule
Source:  Smart Data Collective
By coaxing light out of a single polymer molecule, researchers have made the world’s tiniest light-emitting diode.  This work is part of an interdisciplinary effort to make molecular scale electronic devices, which hold the potential for creating smaller but more powerful and energy-efficient computers. Guillaume Schull and his colleagues at the University of Strasbourg in France made the device with the conducting polymer polythiophene. They used a scanning tunneling microscope tip to locate and grab a single polythiophene molecule lying on a gold substrate. Then they pulled up the tip to suspend the molecule like a wire between the tip and the substrate.
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LG&E, KU Plan to File Expanded Energy Efficiency Programs
Source:  LG&E and KU
Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company filed 1/24 with the Kentucky Public Service Commission plans to expand several of the utilities' most popular energy efficiency programs.  It will offer programs and financial incentives to help residential and commercial customers better manage their energy usage and to help offset customers' costs for various energy-efficient products and services. Visit  for a complete list of the programs and services.
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Lighting Up LEDs:  “Out with the Romex Wire: In with Category 6 Cable”
The relentless penetration of IT has a long history of changing building systems; transforming analog phones to digital phones, changing analog surveillance cameras, IP-enabled access control, IPTV as well as a host of other systems. The next building system to transform to an IT structure is low voltage LED systems; it’s been in the making for a few years and led by some of the innovative companies and early adopters. It’s now at the point that where we can project that the IT structure for LED lighting systems will become the new norm.
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Lighting Manufacturers Acquire Niche Manufacturers to Fortify Positions in LED Market
Source:  Electrical Wholesaling

It would be tough to name another product market that has undergone such a complete transformation as the lighting business’s fast march toward LEDs. LED new products are obsoleting entire product categories, an entire generation of new players are moving into the lighting market from the semiconductor industry, and household names in the lighting business are trying to reinvent themselves to compete in the solid-state era.

Acuity Brands Inc., Conyers, Ga., purchased a supplier of LED drivers, eldoLAB Holding, BV, Eindhoven, Netherlands; Leviton Manufacturing Co., Melville, N.Y., acquired JCC Advanced Lighting, Bognor Regis, United Kingdom; Bridgelux, Livermore, Calif., sold certain LED assets and expanded existing licensing and strategic agreements with Japan’s Toshiba Corp., and later merged with Lightera, the U.S. subsidiary of a Chinese electronics company. In other news from the lighting market, Siemens spun off 80.5% of its Osram lighting unit (including the old Sylvania lighting business) as an IPO, and GE Lighting, East Cleveland, Ohio, announced a partnership with HVAC giant Trane, St. Paul, Minn., to jointly develop a method for commercial building owners to streamline their control of lighting and HVAC systems. GE Lighting’s LightSweep control systems are now integrated into Trane’s Tracer building automation systems.
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HD Opens First of Three Direct Fulfillment Centers
Source:  HCN
The Home Depot opened its new direct fulfillment center (DFC) in Locust Grove, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta.  The facility is the first of three new DFCs the company will open across the U.S. over the next two years. The new distribution centers will increase the number of orders the company can ship the day they are received, increasing the speed of delivery for orders. The company also said they will enable faster order picking and shipping through new warehouse management and material handling systems.
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Arima Optoelectronics Releases MOLY Substrate LED Dice
Source:  LEDInside

Through efforts in the second half of 2013, Arima Optoelectronics successfully launched super-bright red and yellow silicon-substrated dice. This series of LED dice used unique “laser-cutting on silicon substrate”patents owned by Arima Optoelectronics. This year, Arima Optoelectronics has further breakthrough on Arima-exclusive MOLY (MOLYBDENUM) substrated LED

Compared with Silicon substrate & GaAS substrate, MOLY(MO) substrate has better heat conductivity. With Arima Optoelectronics’ epitaxial technology and new mask design, these MO-substrated dice are capable of withstanding high application driving current.

Based on 14 mil chip size, it exhibits a stable performance under 150mA driving current. These new generation MO substrated LED dice are now available in 14, 20 and 42 mils, 3 different sizes.

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Firefly Inspires More Efficient LED Optics
Researchers have recently created a LED light that closely mimics the internal structure of a firefly's lantern cuticle. Like the lantern cuticle, the surface of the LED is curved. On this curved surface different nanostructures have been etched; these nanostructures provide space that creates different reflective patterns. Different reflective patterns ensure that light is being directed in a variety of directions rather than forming one straight pattern in multiple directions. This helps to reduce the amount of light being internally reflected because the light is not reflected in a straight pattern between the reflector and lens. In addition, the curved surface of the reflector helps to once again reflect light that has been redirected from the surface back out of the lens.
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Sharp Introduces Color Temperature Tunable Mini Tiger Zengata LED
Source:  LIGHTimes Online

The apply named Mini Tiger Zengata LED uses a combination of warm white and cool white LED di together. The warm and cool white LED di form stripes (hence the appropriate name Tiger). The ability to create varying degrees of cold or warm white light are required to create a particular atmosphere, promote a sense of well-being or even boost productivity at work. Certain surface lighting and light strips already have adjustable color temperature solutions using some combination of red, blue, and green or cyan magenta, yellow, amber to create the desired color temperature. Spotlights and downlights are especially difficult to do because the efficiency required usually precludes colored LEDs and spotlights often preclude multiple LED light sources. Sharp claims that its Tiger Zenigata LEDs are the first single point light source with variable color temperature on a substrate. ?

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