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Nov. 2014 News

I have been traveling quite a bit the past months and wanted to mention a few of my speaking engagements. At Edwards Air Force Base and NASA Flight Test Center, it was great to be in a room where I knew that the audience "got it." They got it so clearly that when the officers played quad rugby, one mentioned that they were being nice until about 3 seconds into the match when he was blindsided by a quad rugby player. It was then "game on," “wheelchair to wheelchair.” I also spoke in Cancun to a group of decision makers for airports across Latin America. While I initially struggled to say anything convincing, my closing ended with such a roar that I think everyone understood what their role as an executive should be. I told a story about a young German swimmer, her quest for gold in Athens and how she told me she swam with no arms or legs because "I can." I told the airport executives that things can change in Latin America and the Caribbean because "they are the leaders and they can.” Finally in New Zealand I was welcomed by airlines from across the globe, and I think everyone in the room nodded with me, not against me. Being in customer service, they understood it when I said, "In life, you get what you give." Now here we are in 4th Quarter and behind in our fundraising, so I am asking everyone who "can," please "do" because ODO needs your help to keep making a difference at home and worldwide. Happy Thanksgiving!

Eric Lipp, Executive Director
Open Doors Organization

Next CRO Training: Chicago, Dec. 10-11

Open Doors Organization will hold its next Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Initial Training in Chicago at ODO Headquarters on December 10-11, 2014. The 1-1/2 day class, led by ODO Executive Director Eric Lipp and Candace Cable, includes a thorough analysis of Part 382 regulations, problem solving exercises and ODO’s internationally-recognized disability etiquette training. On Wed., Dec. 10 the class will run from 10am-5pm; on Thurs., Dec. 11 from 9am-1pm. Email Eric or call 773.388.8839 to reserve your spot!

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Meet Candace Cable,
ODO Trainer and Consultant

Those of you who attended Universal Access in Airports this October have already had the pleasure of meeting Candace Cable who spoke on the Consumer Roundtable. She is not new to ODO, having previously conducted our classes for Amtrak and appeared in ODO's first customer service video for Royal Caribbean International. This year Ms. Cable assisted in the creation of a video for Uber and will be helping ODO with its social media as well as aviation training. In her athletic career from 1980 to 2006, Candace won 12 Paralympic medals in three sports. She has since traveled the world as an educator, writer, speaker and activist for universal access and tourism. We're delighted to have her onboard again at ODO.

Accessible Lavs on Single Aisle Aircraft

At the DOT Aviation Forum in Washington, DC, on November 5th, the DOT announced that it plans to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in 2015 on accessible lavatories for single aisle planes. Now that AirBus is building its A320 aircraft with Space-Flex lavatories that convert to form a larger space, it's economically feasible to require accessible lavs on smaller planes, not just wide bodies. According to an AirBus press release, 112 A320's with Space-Flex lavatories were already on order by September 2012. Bombardier's new CSeries aircraft will also feature a more accessible lavatory with double-hinge doors and knee space under the sink.

State Laws on Service Animal Fraud

While there is no federal law or penalty for passing off a pet as a service animal, many states do have laws and fines on their books. Here are  two websites that list such regulations on a state by state basis: Service Dog Central and MSU Animal Legal & Historical Center.


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