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The Art of Book Trailers

I have been putting the finishing touches on The Chapel for weeks now, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Inevitably, my mind wanders to the endless to do list I have for this second book. One major item on my list is the book trailer. I have the music, and I have an idea, but I haven't had the time to create it yet. For me, this is torture. In the past, I would have put everything else on hold and done the trailer by now, regardless of what was pushed aside. But it's the end of the school year, and there are field trips and parties and picnics and baseball games and softball games -- you get the picture. So while I try to pin down some time to work on my next trailer, I wanted to share some of the cooler ones I've seen lately.

Amazon Reviews

Book Review Controversies

Plagerism is not a nice word. If you don't follow book blogger news regularly, you may have missed a recent battle over plagerism in book reviews. I won't go through the whole story, but you can read more of it here. Basically, one blogger found out that another blogger had used some of her sentences word-for-word and had not given proper credit. The accused then proceeded to delete her blog so that the links to her older reviews no longer worked.

But the plagerism story was completely overshadowed this past weekend by the WSJ article about YA Literature claiming recent releases are too dark for YA readers. I didn't check Twitter often, but every time I did, tweets with #YASaves flashed in my feed. The response was quick and furious. Naturally, I am on the #YASaves side of the aisle. Yes, the books are dark, but that's why I loved them then, and that's why I write them now.

Lucie's Social Network

The excitement is building as the last edits are made to The Chapel. Lucie is excited, too, and she has taken to Twitter and Tumblr to spread the news.

You can visit her blog at and follow her on Twitter @LucieSinclair.

New Look!

My book website,, is getting a makeover!

Next week I will reveal the new site, but this pic is a sneak peek at the new color scheme. After all, Lucie's favorite color is purple...
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