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+The Prophecy+ Book Trailer

From the beginning, I have had very clear images of the scenes, characters, and details in the Between Souls books. I wanted to include these in a book trailer - a very short video similar to a movie trailer. I had seen a few book trailers on YouTube, so I knew what appealed to me and what didn't. A couple of weeks ago, I decided the time was right to try to make my own book trailer.

Just like everything else in this process, the book trailer took longer than I thought it would, but not for the reasons I thought. I knew I needed to use images that I had rights to - I had to either purchase the rights or own the photos. I decided to use one of my own paintings for the main background. I loved the color combinations, and the swirls enabled me to add the illusion of motion with zooming in and out.

The music was much harder. I had to find music that had a creative commons license that would allow me to use it and adjust it slightly. The entire clip needed to be under 1:30 minutes, and most songs were longer than that. After hours and hours of searching, I finally found zero-project, an artist from Greece who created beautiful soundtrack albums. "Gothic" from the album Darkness Falls was the one I decided to use for this trailer. I also picked out other songs of his for my two upcoming books, and I hope I'll be able to find one more for the final book in this series. (You can find out more about zero-project at

Next I needed to put it all together. I used a photo of my painting and added moving text. But I also wanted to add a section about The Chapel, so I did a bit of searching. When we went to our friends' wedding in Scotland in 2004, I spent an entire day at Rosslyn Chapel, the inspiration for the second book. I had my video and digital cameras in hand and filled them with interior and exterior shots. After a few file searches, I found those photos and discovered the one I used in the trailer of a small altar in front of a stained glass window. Perfect.

I'm not going to say the whole process was easy, but I have made a number of slide shows like this before, so it took me less time than if this had been my first. The end result is now available on my sites and on YouTube for all to see. I hope you like it!

You Tube Book Trailer

Book Trailer

Check out the trailer on YouTube and let me know what you think!
March 21st

Happy Birthday Lucie!

In honor of Lucie's birthday, I had two separate contests to give away copies of +The Prophecy+. Four lucky readers are going to receive paperbacks from my Goodreads contest (1022 people entered!), and two blog readers will receive either an eBook or a paperback from A Tale of Many Reviews. Congrats!
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I had a blast creating new logos for all sorts of swag, like t-shirts, buttons and even water bottles!

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Thanks to everyone who posted reviews of my book on vendor sites such as Reviews are very important for a number of reasons. I love receiving feedback, but reviews also encourage new readers to try my book.

As I read on one advice site, "you have to be popular to be popular," so keep those reviews coming!
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