The Dirt Palace is so saddened and heartbroken by the passing of two friends
Blake Soltys (left) and Joseph Buzzell (right).
Their presence as artists, musicians and friends will be missed.
Our hearts go out to friends and family.



Do you need health insurance?

The Dirt Palace will be hosting a health insurance info session by
Health Source RI

(deadline for signing up for January 1st coverage is December 23rd)
Wednesday December 11th 6pm
at the Dirt Palace

Come to the Dirt Palace on Wednesday, December 11th at 6pm to learn about your new health insurance options through HealthSource RI. The session will take about an hour. On HealthSource RI, single people can earn up to about $46,000 a year and get a tax credit to help them purchase health insurance. Single people earning under about $16,000 a year qualify for free health insurance. A family of four can earn up to $94,200 and get help paying for insurance too. We'll have a quick presentation and some computers so you can check out your options.



About the installation from Alison

"I create work that subverts normative ideas about femininity by re-contextualizing imagery in a way that is aggressively feminine.Feminine embodiment, queerness and objectification are major themes in my work. I question the boundary between attraction and fear. My work is a direct response to my experience as a queer person, to my objectification as a woman and to the damaging ideas and roles I have been fed by mass media and visual culture. For me, art-making is a way of navigating and publicly rejecting a world that continues to objectify and degrade women and their bodies.”

For the Dirt Palace window I created an illuminated shrine . Much of my work refers to stages or frames—places that seem to be intended for actions to happen within, to be penetrated and used for performance or display of objects. The storefront window gallery's placement within the context of such a busy intersection is coincidentally relevant to the content of my work. Not only was I able to construct a large-scale public work, but I unintentionally ended up having to install on a busy Saturday night, which meant that I was lit up and on stage for anyone passing by.  Installing the window was interesting because while I felt on display, I was also the one with agency over the display and was actively framing myself. By focusing on building “frames,” I hope to draw attention to the supporting structures and to the false concept of the void. Using the existing format of the window, I was able to create new architecture that was self-aware and intentionally public.

The installation consisted of CMYK screen prints on acetate, dried roses, fabric, string, foam board and nails.


The Dirt Palace wants to send a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend the most recent fundraiser,"Frankenbrunch." It was a sweet and delicious time, and your support will help the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery continue to show art installations in Olneyville Square, thank you!
Extra special thanks to our guest chef Chris Mulligan. Chris made so many loaves of gluten free buckwheat bread and suordough from the Bread and Puppet starter. He also made a sweet apple pastry and kept the mood wonderful as DJ Rolls Beyonce! Thank you Chris for bringing it!


New tea towel design by Xander Marro headed to the Post Office real soon...Here's a quick pic from the drying rack! Bringing "dirty dish rag" to a new level (can you see the "dirty" hidden picture). Still looking for some gifts? Check out the Dirt Palace Tea Towel set on our Etsy
Get them all at once or give them as a gift that keeps giving for 2014***


Muffy locked herself in the silk screen studio for months, low flying in clouds of audiobooks and the entire 12 seasons of Cheers. Cheers is good company, but can make you feel weird when you're drinking alone while watching it.

The product of that labor is a new run of shirts and leggings for adults and kids.

check them out!

Enter code FREESHIPPING at checkout

Order by December 19th for Holiday arrival.

Next Saturday, December 14th she is selling at the Bust Holiday Craftacular in NYC, New York friends come say hi! The sale is from 10am to 7pm at Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th St at 6th Ave.

Sunday, December 15th she will be selling at New Urban Arts Cardboard Pancakes Holiday Sale.  The NUA sale is from 11 am to 4 pm at 705 Westminster St.
If you see something you like on Muffy's Etsy please feel free to send an email to or call her at (401)374-5559. She gladly welcomes studio visits or local pickups for Holiday shopping.

She is really excited to liberate herself from the Groundhog Day of screen printing, and will be debuting lots of one of a kind items in 2014.

Wishing everyone Holidays full of joy you can't buy.



Jieun has been figuring out the ups and downs of production. Many new works in progress, including new jewelry designs and coming up: new Dirt Palace tea towel!

Here is a picture of her first show table at the Holiday Alumni Sale. Though her shop is in dire need of an update (check back in a week or two!) you can see her wares at Use coupon code DIRTDECEMBER for 10% off purchases of $50 or more, active until Jan 1, 2014.



Thea Ulrich spent much of November drawing, painting, starting a new job and then deciding to quit it.... 

Here is a painting from her new series:


Here is a photo of a cranberry bog that she took while she was at the cape for Thanksgiving:



After a busy month hosting final events at Building 16, Angela's taking a moment to breathe and organize her studio before launching into a new collaborative puppet show about the 1970 occupation of Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. To be perfromed with David Lamoso at Summer Street in January!


Alison did the Dirt Palace window for November. (see above)

The last weekend in November/first weekend of December, she deinstalled 3 art shows in 3 days, making her fresh out of art shows. She is looking for new opportunities, but in the meantime is working at a cafe/movie theater, burning xmas tree-scented candles and turning 23 on December 12th.

She also went to Canada for a weekend in November which was fun and cool. Here is a beautiful pic of the moon rising over Montreal.



For the past few months Xander has been working on a publishing project that's close enough to speak aloud about. As part of a book series that presents thematic collections of writing/pictures by visual artists/musicians/performers/people who have some affiliation with a broad and vaguely defined "world of art", she presents Witch Fingers. It's either a book of spells, or one big spell, or a book of fairy tales or one big fairy tale. As of yesterday it's printed, in boxes, and ready to be collated and bound. Contributors include: Christopher Forgues, Kate Schapira, Joanna Ruocco, Alison Nitkiewicz & Julia Moses, James Talbot Frain, Sussy Santana, Aaron Anderson, Carrie Collier, Mickey Zacchili, Shey Rivera-Rios, Polina Malikin, Sasha Wiseman, Anna Purna Himel Wagner, Olivia Horvath, and Liz Luisada. Are you someone who secretly likes to walk in circles and collate...tonight! tomorrow! text Xander (or respond to this e-mail), she'll feed you beer and/or chocolate. Want to buy this book? Keep your eyes on the Dirt Palace will be listed soon!

Also now that it's winter here is a quick movie about slaying (inner) demons in the snow.





Hath Any Loved You Well Down There

Bird On the Briar 





From the forward: "Your House is Mine" is a collection of images and texts concerning the broad and essential issue of housing on the Lower East Side. The project is an implicit demonstration that art can function as a means of resistance. "Your House is Mine" took us four years to complete. The writers and artists included are all connected with various organizing groups which seek to curtail the excessive and abusive uses of private property.
1988-1992 Published 1993 by Bullet Space (20 years ago!!) in newsprint edition of 10,000

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