Time for a CB Check-Up?

Calling all CB addicts!
Can't get enough of the Craft Britannia Team? 
Is the Chat & Promote thread the last thing you check before you go to bed?
Is it the first thing you check when you get up the next day? 
If the answer is yes to these questions then you need a CB Check-Up.

We are starting a regular newsletter so you can check-up on what's happening.
We will send it to your email address if you sign up here.
Select to view this email in a browser then click the 'Subscribe' button in the top left corner.
It will be a great oppotunity to catch up on what the team is doing.

Of course this will not replace the regular chat and banter,
you will have to drop by the thread for that. :)

Please Subscribe for regular Check-Ups

Craft Britannia HQ