December 2022
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Salut à tout le monde, Ciao a tutti,
Tgau ensemen, liebe swimsa Familie!
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Save the date!
  • March 1st-7th 2023 | March Meeting 2023 IFMSA (General Assembly), Tallin - Estonia
  • March 24th-26th 2023 | SMSC Bern
  • April 10th-14th 2023  | EuRegMe 2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • May 6th 2023 | DV/AD (Delegates Assembly) Geneva
National News

Dear swimsa family!
Last swimsagram of the year 2022!

Time flies very fast and in a snap of fingers we are already in December, one of the most stressful months of the whole year because it reminds us of the imminent beginning of the Exams Session. To all the students out there, remember that you are not alone, don´t give, stay strong and just know that you will always be part of the swimsa family! We are always here for you! And whenever you feel like stepping out of the comfort zone and the monotony of life, you should also know that swimsa offers thousands possibilities to express yourself and do something different, out of the ordinary.  Maybe you could end up being the next VPC for the term 23/24!

In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful month and new year! May it be better than the last ones and gift us new unforgettable memories and life lessons that will accompany us, now medical students, but future doctors to be! Enjoy the holidays and you will hear from swimsa and me soon in the next swimsagram!

Should you have any suggestions, inputs etc. do not hesitate to contact us via

Erica Piccinni
your Vice-President for Communication 22/23

Call for National Positions
Deadline 21.12.2022

Do you want to join the swimsa family? It’s not too late! Here is how you can still join:

National Officers

  • National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights incl. HIV and AIDS (NORA)
You can find more information here.

Send your candidature to until the 21st of December 2022.

Additionally, we have the following positions that you can apply also until the 21st of December 2022.
  • Liaison Officer to the National Students Organisation (LO-VSS/UNES/USU): Are you willing to communicate with students from all over Switzerland and all fields of studies? Are you interested in advocating for swimsa’s interests on a national level? Don’t hesitate to apply!
  • Liaison Officer to the Commission of Medical Profession (LO-MeBeKo) - Are you interested to attend and vote in 4 meetings/year in the Commission of Medical Profession (MeBeKo)? Do you want to influence the decision on what a Swiss medical diploma means? This is your position!

More information and how to apply:

CoPHR (Commission on Public Health and Human Rights) is recruiting!
Pascale Meyer - National Officer on Human Rights and Peace 

Have you ever asked yourself, how poverty impacts health care in Switzerland? Or what role global warming plays in health and disease? To what extent did the refugee crisis impact our health care system?
The CoPHR (Commission on Public Health and Human Rights) brings together medical students from all over Switzerland to learn, explore and share ideas on a variety of issues related to Public Health and Human Rights. 
Our mission is to host fun and creative projects throughout the year that raise awareness and educate other students about ongoing global health and human rights topics such as equity in healthcare, refugee and migrant health or healthcare in war zones. This includes organizing events, awareness campaigns, designing social media content, hosting book clubs and much more! 
Curios? Sign up here and get informed about our first meeting, where we discuss current topics and brainstorm on ways to transform them into informative and creative projects. Should you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us directly at

Do you know what the AK/CoFo is? Do you know that you can actually take part in it as a medical student?
On November 20th, the second meeting of the AK/CoFo (commission on medical education) of this term took place. Additionally to the exchange between the different faculties, the work of several small working groups (SWGs) was discussed. The SWG application clinical year aims at reducing the pressure to apply early for a job in the clinical rotation. The result of their survey was presented and further proceeding was discussed. The SWG “Zulassungssteuerung/ Clause du besoin” discussed the possibility of publishing an article. The SWG research aims at bringing the topic of research nearer to medical students and show them possibilities on how to get started in the area of research.

The AK/CoFo is open to all students. If you are interested in taking part at a meeting, please contact the VPA ( to get a glimpse into the commission’s work.

Join our mailing list! 

So many events, workshops, conferences and trainings are happening all of the time, all over the world, for medical students. How to keep track of them? You can join our new mailing lists! Just visit, scroll down, and fill out the form, checking the boxes which correspond to your interests, and you will receive emails concerning events and opportunities. Still not sure what all of this means? Write an email to and ask all your questions.

Join our mailing list here!
Next Events
SMSC Bern March 2023 - Precision Medicine 
Upcoming SMSC

Where: Bern
What: Precision Medicine
When: 24.03.2023-26.03.2023
Registration date: 10.02.2023
The swiss medical student’s convention 2023 in Bern will be all about precision medicine. Precision medicine is a new paradigm of medical care. It assumes that every person is unique. In contrast to classical medicine, it incorporates individual patient characteristics into treatment. Thus, therapies depend not only on disease patterns but also on genetic predisposition, environmental factors and lifestyle.

The SMSC’s presentations will introduce the concepts of precision medicine and the role of data-based technologies in the development of individualized therapeutic approaches. Several short symposium presentations will provide an overview of the application and challenges of  precision medicine in the clinical practice of various specialities. Finally, the convention will reach its climax in an exciting panel discussion with representatives from the clinical, research, business and policy communities. The panel will discuss the ethnic and economic implications of  precision medicine, thereby encouraging the participants to critically engage with the topic.  In addition to the medical content of the weekend, a great social program and an extraordinary party are waiting for you.

To stay up to date, follow the Instagram account of swimsa and check out the swimsa homepage.

Be as excited as we are and mark the date in your calendars!
See you in Bern, your SMSC OC
EuRegMe23 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
European Regional Meeting - IFMSA

This is the most important information:

When: 10. - 14.04.2023
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina
More information: here
Application: here until the 18th of December 2022        

Contact me
JHaS Kongress 2023 - Get your free entry!
31.03.2022 & 01.04.2023 - Fribourg
Der nächste Kongress der jungen Haus- und Kinderärzt:innen Schweiz (JHaS-Kongress) findet am 31. März und 1. April 2023 in Fribourg statt. Sei dabei, wenn wir in mehr als 40 Workshops und Vorträgen neue Skills, aktuelles Wissen für die Praxis und ganz viel Motivation für den vielfältigsten Beruf der Welt miteinander teilen. 

Als JHaS offerieren wir 20 Gratis-Eintritte exklusiv für Medizinstudierende - gemeinsam tragen wir die medizinische Grundversorgung in die Zukunft Schreibe so schnell wie möglich an und gehöre zu den ersten 20 Studierenden, die einen Gratis-Eintritt erhalten.

Bis bald in Fribourg!

Interessiert an Haus- und Kinderarztmedizin? Werde jetzt kostenlos Mitglied bei uns!
Le programme de la prochaine édition du congrès des Jeunes médecins de famille suisses (JHaS) vient d'être publié ! L’édition 2023 se déroulera au Forum Fribourg les 31 mars et 1er avril 2023 Au programme : plus de 40 conférences et ateliers, des sessions interactives, des sessions pratiques, une soirée conviviale et quelques surprises... Envie de nous rejoindre ?
La JHaS offrent 20 entrées gratuites aux étudiant-es de la SWIMSA ! Fais partie des 20 premier-es à adresser un email à et une entrée gratuite te sera réservée !
A très vite à Fribourg !

Intéressé(e) par la médecine de famille et la pédiatrie ? Deviens membre de notre association gratuitement !

swimsa Exchanges - leftover spots
(Ex)change the world!

The registration for an exchange in the next season (from April 2023 till March 2024) took place between March and June 2022. The registered students received their confirmation mail in September. Therefore, we can now announce the left-over spots for the next season.

Professional Exchange (SCOPE): Algeria - Bosnia Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Egypt - Estonia - Ghana - Italy - Lebanon - Poland - Romania - Slovakia - Spain

Please note that we can only send couples to Lebanon and Poland! Send an email to for further information and for the registration. First come first serve!

News from the swimsa family
Get involved in Sports and Exercise Medicine
Junior Sports and Exercise Medicine Switzerland (JSEMS)

Sports and exercise medicine investigates the influence of exercise, training and sport as well as lack of exercise on healthy and sick people. It uses these findings for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation, both for athletes and for the general population.

Sport and Exercise Medicine Switzerland (SEMS) aims to promote sport and exercise medicine and related activities in the field of multidisciplinary research, teaching and practice for all. It cares for the health of the entire population - from the elite athlete to the recreational child to the handicapped athlete. We, as the Junior Sports and Exercise Medicine Switzerland (JSEMS) committee represent medical students and junior doctors within SEMS and are pleased to announce that we are recruiting. You’re interested in sports and exercises medicine and want to get involved in cool projects? We want YOU! To contact us, click here 

If becoming part of the committee is not for you, why not become a SEMS member? For only 30.- a year, you get to participate in our mentoring program, get a free ticket to our annual « Students Day », get access to our newsletter and major discounts on the main SEMS congress!

And if you are a writer at heart, we have an amazing blog on the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) where you could be featured as one of our next authors! We would be happy to help you find a cool topic related to Sports and Exercise medicine to write about! Go check here

Authors : Anne Cornevin and Sara Walder from the JSEMS committee.
JSEMS Committee
CALWHA (Children and Adolescents living with HIV/AIDS)
M.E.T.I.S (Mouvement des Etudiant-e-s Travaillant contre les Inégalités d’accès à la Santé)
CALWHA (Children and Adolescents living with HIV/AIDS) is a project from the M.E.T.I.S
association. We aim to improve the therapeutic adherence of Tanzanian children and adolescents through HIV education and by overcoming financial barriers. 

The Tanzanian government provides antiretroviral drugs but there is a heavy stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS and a low therapeutic adherence which can lead to viral resistance to the drug. Therefore, to improve the adhesion, CALWHA organizes two to three activity days per month in the two CTC (Care Treatment Centers). During these days, the children receive their treatment, a meal, and a medical consultation.

We currently have two Care Treatment Centers in Tanzania and we’re working on the opening of a new CTC on the Island of Ukerewe. We also seek to improve education about HIV/AIDS to the youngest through illustrated books about a young giraffe living with HIV since the current resources may be too complicated for small children.

In order to raise money we are organizing a raffle with many prizes, for more information do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram @metislausanne

You can also make a donation by TWINT using the following QR code.

We are always looking for donations to help us carry out these two new projects and to continue to help the 300 children in the already existing centers. Every donation counts!
MEDIC is a new Associate Member! 
(Medical Emergency & Disaster Introduction Courses) - Welcome to the swimsa family!
MEDIC (Medical Emergency & Disaster Introduction Courses) is a medical students' association with the aim of promoting emergency and disaster medicine in health studies. 

Each semester, workshops, conferences, BLS-AED refreshers as well as entire training week-ends are offered to medical students. These diverse activities allow students to acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge in emergency and disaster medicine. 
Do you want to share your project with the rest of the swimsa family? Send us pictures and texts from your local activities to

Qualitätsakademie der Medizin wird zehn
Goldsponsor - FMH

Die Qualität sicherzustellen und weiterzuentwickeln, die bestmögliche Versorgung der Patientinnen und Patienten, war immer schon eine Kernaufgabe von Ärztinnen und Ärzten. Vor zehn Jahren, im November 2012, wurde diese durch die von der FMH gegründete Schweizerische Akademie für Qualität in der Medizin SAQM institutionell verankert, gebündelt und sichtbarer gemacht. Die SAQM hat nicht nur Qualitätsprojekte umgesetzt, sondern sie hat sich der Unterstützung und Sichtbarmachung der langjährigen Qualitätsarbeit der Fachleute im Gesundheitswesen verschrieben. Sie leistet damit einen wesentlichen Beitrag zu einer nachhaltigen, qualitativ hochstehenden Patientenversorgung.


L’Académie suisse pour la qualité en médecine fête ses 10 ans
Sponsor d'or - FMH

Garantir et développer la qualité, assurer les meilleurs soins possibles aux patientes et aux patients ont toujours été au cœur de l’activité médicale. Il y a 10 ans, en novembre 2012, la FMH a créé et institutionnalisé l’Académie suisse pour la qualité en médecine ASQM afin de mutualiser les démarches qualité et renforcer la visibilité des activité qualité du corps médical. L’ASQM n’a pas seulement mis en œuvre des projets qualité, elle s’est aussi engagée à soutenir et à rendre visible le travail de longue haleine des professionnelles et professionnels de la santé dans le domaine de la qualité. Sa contribution pour assurer une prise en charge médicale durable et de haute qualité est essentielle.


Losing track of all the associations?
Here a brief overview:

your local Fachschaft/ association des étudiant-e-s
This is your local association for the med students at your university. They organise social events, parties, represent you to your faculty and fight for your medical education.

The Swiss Medical Students’ Association is the umbrella organisation for all Swiss med students. Her members are all the 10 Fachschaften/associations and projects like Achtung Liebe, marrow, METIS, Teddybärspital etc. Twice per year, she organises the SMSC (= Swiss Medical Students’ Conference) with students from all parts of Switzerland. An event you MUST have experienced at least once! Facebook Instagram Newsletter

The International Federation of Medical Students' Associations is the umbrella organisation for all the national associations of more than 120 different countries worldwide! They gather twice per year in the so-called General Assembly (=GA), where 1000 students come together to discuss on global health issues and exchange ideas. swimsa is always represented by a Swiss delegation.

In case you’re interested to get active in global health topics on a national or international level, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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