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Ebooks with design 

Why should a reader accept anything less?

Book Design isn’t just a design company, it is an exciting team of people with expert knowledge and an eye on the horizon. My business focuses on emerging trends in leadership so I particularly value Kim’s quest for knowledge and thirst to be on the cutting edge, particularly in the ebook field. Dr Cheryl Doig, July 2013
The reader’s experience is very important to us as book designers, and we don’t see why this should be any different for readers of ebooks. We put as much into our ebook designs as we do for a print book. Read on ...

Interactive pdf's for educational workbooks

We’ve been asked by some of our educational publishers if we can make their workbooks digital. It would be great, they tell us, if students could work directly on screen to fill in worksheets, then email these back to their teachers. Teachers would then mark and comment on the worksheets and send them back to the students. Can it be done? Absolutely.
This interactive pdf is an easy solution that we can customise to your needs, with panels for students to fill in and a sticky note feature enabling teachers to comment. Feel free to download this dummy version and have a play. 

Hot off the press — designs to impress
Here are some of our latest ebook and print book designs. 

Meet Carolyn Lewis

Carolyn is filling a new position in our team. Just as some publishers are retreating in the NZ market, we decide we need more help. Crazy, I know, but we do see a bright future out there.
Carolyn already has heaps of experience in the book design industry and you may know some of her work already.  Click through to have a peek.

Meet Rachel Clark

Our new designer Rachel is filling the vacant spot that Maria left behind when she went off on her travels. The skills Rachel has brought to the studio are worth checking out.

It’s not just the newbies that have become animated. Check out  our other stop animated profiles to see what else we can do with your files.
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