Absorb What Is Useful, Reject What Is Useless
The Healthy Addiction - July 2019

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Absorb What Is Useful, Reject What Is Useless  

By: Jerry Trubman, Owner and Founder

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless.”
“Using no way as the way, accept no limitation as limitation.”
Bruce Lee

The two quotes in today’s post were introduced to me by our fellow coach, Chad Robinson. The “using no way as the way” quote has been the signature line on his email for as long as I’ve known him. Honestly, although I’ve always admired and respected Bruce Lee’s wisdom, that quote never made a lot of sense to me until recently. In the fitness world, it’s not a lack of information that holds us back, but rather TOO MUCH information that causes many people to suffer from paralysis by analysis. Trying to achieve a deep understanding of all the minutiae of a particular thing will often hold us back. Pavel Tsatsouline told us, “Understanding is a stall tactic… do you want to study hydro aquatics or do you want to learn how to swim?”

The first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was in 1993… exactly 20 years after Bruce Lee’s death. It was far more brutal back then than today’s events: There were no weight classes, no timed rounds (they just go to knockout or submission), no judges, and almost no rules (‘no biting’ and ‘no eye gouging’ were about it). One of the objectives of the event was to settle, once and for all, which fighting style was superior. Prior to this event, almost no one had heard of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ). However, after Royce Gracie destroyed the competition in UFC 1, today BJJ schools are on every street corner in America.
The UFC has greatly evolved since then, and if there is one thing we’ve figured out, is that this concept of ‘mixed martial arts’ or MMA for short, is superior over allowing oneself to become tied to the dogmatic approach of one particular style of fighting. Turns out Bruce Lee’s ‘using no way as the way’ was ahead of its time... I wonder what he would have to say about UFC if he were still alive today?

The Protocol Strength & Conditioning represents a 9-year long journey of absorbing what is useful and rejecting what is useless...

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Stop Making These 3 Mistakes When Hiring A Trainer...

If you are reading this, it means that you have taken the first steps to moving better, becoming stronger and recapturing the body you were made to have. Kudos!

There are certainly many options out there. In my 20+ years of training and coaching, I’ve seen many fitness fads come and go. It is my hope that this post will help you sift through some of that. So here are 3 of the biggest mistake new people make when starting the journey to get fit…

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