Jerry Answers Your Questions Part 3...
The Healthy Addiction October 2019

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New Mobility Class On Saturday Mornings! 
Based on the curriculum of our Restoring Lost Mobility workshop, we now offer a weekly class that allows us to put those movements and principles into weekly practice! In this class, you will learn…
  • How to use specific breathing techniques to relax the neurological stretch-reflex and find mobility you didn’t even know you had!
  • How to use simple joint mobility drills, in place of conventional warmups, to increase mobility without adding any additional training time to your session.
  • How to use simple tools to perform myofascial release to unlock stiff muscles, get out of pain, and increase range of motion; it’s like getting a massage every day!
  • Drills, exercises, progressions, and regressions to be able to advance from any starting point.
In an effort to create a more personalized experience, we limit this class to just 8 participants. This allows our coaches to work with students on a more individual level. No previous experience in our other programs is required for this class. 
Saturday Mornings at 9am

Drop in: $25 (subject to availability)
Monthly: $99 (this reserves a space in the class) 
$25 Drop-In. Click Here!
$99 Monthly. Click Here!
Massage Specials! Save up to $35 when you buy 2 sessions.
Unwind this summer with a trip to The Protocol Massage! We are offer special summer pricing on 2-session packages of our 60 and 90 minute treatments. Click below to take advantage of these savings! 
Two 60-Minute Massages $120
Two 90-Minute Massages $155
One 60 Minute Massage $75.00
One 90 Minute Massage $95.00

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Jerry Answers Your Questions Part 3...   

"I know building muscle and mobility is so important. I know I should do more strength training in my life, but my true athletic passions are yoga, mountain biking, and simple walking or hiking. What are your suggestions for getting into a better strength training discipline when I am so busy and gravitate towards other pursuits?"

Marie S. Tucson, AZ

Thank you for your question Marie!

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Jerry Answers Your Questions Part 2

Today’s post is part 2 of an ongoing series where I will be answering some of your questions. Here’s what we will be tackling this week…

“My kettlebell swings don’t look like the ones I see in videos. I have a longer torso, shorter legs, and fairly tight hamstrings. So, whenever I try to get into a backswing with ‘proper form’ it hurts my back. Do you have any thoughts?”
Mark, 66  

First off, full disclosure; Mark is a student at our facility and has been for many years. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge him for staying in the iron game during a time in his life where most people in his age cohort consider walking to be “exercise.” Mark works around injuries, physical limitations, and (of course) age, to ensure his quality of life keeps up with his quantity. Kudos!

I’ve been thinking a lot about your question, sir. I’ve also had others ask basically the same question, so I thought I’d take some time to dive deeper into it here. Hope this helps… 

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We are a fitness facility and coaching program that specializes in showing working professionals, who may be spending too much time sitting behind the desk, how to move better and become stronger; to better enjoy the physical activities they used to enjoy before life got in the way.

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