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 January 2011 
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

2011 Calendar

The calendar of events for the first portion of the year is now available. Course and clinic offerings for the remainder of the year are coming soon!

Your Opinion Matters! 

What topics would you like to see offered in 2011 that are not already a part of the MRHT Wholeness Through Horsemanship curriculum? Voice your suggestions here.

New Offerings and Rates

Enjoy learning with other students and maximizing your dollar? Semi-private instruction is now available!

Not in a position to participate in a course or clinic? You don't have to miss out! Auditing is a terrific way to progress in your horsemanship at an affordable rate!

Don't live nearby? Emily is now available for telephone consultations to help you and your horse achieve partnership at its best!

Check out the new learning options and rates for the 2011 year here.

Winter Weather

As any Colorado horse lover knows, the winter can present some challenges when it comes to weather. I want to share some thoughts for maximizing enjoyable horsemanship learning in the winter.


My commitment to you is to honor as normal of a teaching schedule as possible throughout the winter and I ask for your commitment in return. The exceptions are when the weather makes learning either ineffective or unsafe (i.e. too cold to focus, ground too slick or too windy to hear).


I use the reports on for the 80504 zipcode to make teaching and horsecare decisions. In general, if it is excessively blustery, painfully cold or miserably wet, lessons will be rescheduled. In the case of a mutually agreed upon rescheduling, the 24-hour cancellation policy will not apply.


Tips for Winter Warmth:

  • Long underwear top as well as bottom worn under jeans.
  • Chaps or ski/wind pants on top of jeans.
  • Head coverage. A thin hat can be worn under a helmet with the lining removed.
  • Adequate layers including a vest worn under a winter coat.
  • Neck warmer or silk scarf keeps wind out.
  • Hand and foot warmers.
  • Riding bareback!

New and Improved in the New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you and yours (horses included of course)! At the start of each new year I feel so invigorated about the horsemanship possibilities and potential that await. This year is no exception! I am excited to unveil to you a few things that I am confident will help me serve you even better on this wonderful journey of horsemanship.


The first is the new newsletter format. I am thrilled to have upgraded to a more modern method of communication that will allow me to better correspond with you. My hope is that it may be as pleasing for you to receive as it is for me to send!


The second improvement of the new year is a new semi-private instruction format. Although I have been a proponent of the benefits of group learning for some time, I was reminded of the incredible value of studying alongside other learners during my recent stint in Texas with Joe Wolter. Therefore, the MRHT teaching curriculum will be shifting predominantly to semi-private instruction. (Private instruction will remain available on a “as need be” or “specific issue” basis.) Learning alongside other students offers incredible benefits such as terrific camaraderie and support, maximized learning through exposure to other students questions and process, and increased understanding of the horse through observation of an array of horses, just to name a few. Semi-private class size will be limited allowing adequate individual attention and support, along with the many benefits of group study. I thank you in advance for your support and cooperation as we make this shift! Please see below for upcoming offerings.


Lastly, you will want to be sure to become a part of the MRHT Facebook and YouTube communities as these are to become the main sources of sharing photo highlights; events and happenings from around the ranch; training tips; educational videos; and other noteworthy news. 


I look forward to sharing a great year with you and as always, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your work with horses!



Emily Johnson

Instructor, Clinician and Student of the Horse

Upcoming Events

Horsemanship 101: Communication and Partnership Through Groundwork—

Saturdays, January 8th - February 5th (5 weeks) from 10am - 1pm.


This course provides the foundation from which to build a harmonious and long-lasting partnership with your horse. Participants will learn the groundwork and leadership skills necessary to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. There will be extensive discussion on equine psychology and herd behavior, the knowledge of which enables you to communicate using the horse's natural language. You will learn how to be a clear and trustworthy leader for your horse while deepening your self-awareness. This course is designed for those who wish to build or sharpen their groundwork skills, to enhance their overall relationship with their horse, or to discover the joy of horsemanship for the first time. One spot remaining!


Horsemanship 301 Series: Lightness Through Liberty —

Wednesdays, January 12th - February 2nd (4 weeks) from 2pm - 3:30pm. 


Saturdays, January 15th - February 5th (4 weeks) from 2pm - 3:30pm.

(Click video below)

There is no greater feeling than the pure joy of having your horse want to be with you, not out of obligation or restraint, but rather motivated by want and desire. In this 4 week series, you will learn how to get with the horse, so that they in turn may get with you, all without halters or leads. Playing with horses at liberty will improve your ability to read the horse, finesse your feel, timing and balance and allow you to experience a sky is the limit kind of relationship.

Horsemanship 301 Series: Balance Through Bareback —

Wednesdays, February 9th - March 2nd (4 weeks) from 2pm - 3:30pm. 


Saturdays, February 12th - March 5th (4 weeks) from 2pm - 3:30pm. 

Have you dreamed of riding off into the sunset bareback? But fear that the reality may be that of falling off? Now you can experience the magical connection that is possible through riding bareback in a safe and supportive environment. Bareback riding is not only fun (and warm!), it also greatly benefits your strength and balance while improving your feel of the horse, allowing you to become the rider of your horse's dreams!


Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

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